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Derek Jeter and Free Agent Fails: Infamous Times a Hero Has Been Snubbed

The sports industry is an odd one.

You can give your heart and soul to a team and its fans, and they can want no part of you when it comes to a new contract. 

There have been several instances where a player has chosen to move on, or a team chooses to trade a player and at least get something for their star player.

But, in rare instances, a player wants nothing more in the world than to remain with his team. Only to find out that the team doesn’t feel the same, but some other team is more than willing to take them in.

Right now in New York, the Yankees general manager has encouraged iconic short stop Derek Jeter to shop his services around baseball to see if he cant best a Yankees offer of three years for $45 million

If the Yankees let Jeter go, he would undoubtedly be the biggest fan favorite not to retain a contract with the team he became famous with.

For comparison here are ten instances where it has happened in the past, and feel free to use the comments section to remind me of the ones I missed.

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A Face Not Even Mom Could Love: Sports 15 Ugliest Athletes

How does this guy get so much tail?

His head looks like it was built with Lego blocks.

However, he probably nailed the photographer after this photo shoot. It’s the Jeter way.

Which leads me to the following list.

I ranked these putrid mugs in descending order from least of the gross to the King of the gross.

The Mt. Everest of Ugly, if you will.

Without further ado.

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