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MLB Rankings: Omar Vizquel and The 10 Best Defensive Shortstops in MLB History

Shortstops are rarely known for their offensive prowess.

Instead, they are generally known for their defense. They play a position that sees more scorchers than any other and a team benefits greatly from having a sure-handed player there. 

This is a list for the men who played the position the best, who sat in there and took countless bad hops to the chest just to record an out. 

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MLB Power Rankings: The 10 Biggest Prima Donnas in Baseball

It’s hard to tell from that picture, but that is Manny Ramirez inside the Green Monster in the middle of a game.

In baseball there are plenty of guys who have a love and passion for the game that is admirable.

However, there are also plenty of people who seem more interested in themselves than the game, or their team for that matter.

This is a list dedicated to the latter.

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Martin Luther King Day: Athletes Who Broke Racial Barriers in the United States

There used to be a day when race stood in the way of athletes playing a game they were great at.

Athletes breaking down racial barriers were a huge part of the Civil Rights movement, but even after that there was still great discrimination in American sports until recent decades. 

Now there is a day in baseball where many of the league’s players honor Jackie Robinson by wearing his No. 42. 

America has come a long way since Martin Luther King Jr. led the fight for equal rights for Americans of all races, and in celebration of his birthday let’s take a look at some African-American athletes who broke down the racial barrier in America. 

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Countdown To Spring Training: 10 Non-Roster Invitees Who Could Earn a Contract

This is about the time of year when baseball fans start getting antsy every season. 

It’s about midway between the World Series and the beginning of spring training, but this off-season has given us plenty to talk about. 

Jayson Werth, Carl Crawford, and Cliff Lee’s $100 million contracts have kept us busy.

But now it’s time to start thinking about spring training, and one of the more interesting elements of spring training is non-roster invitees.

Spring training is pretty much a try out for these guys, and it’s rare to see anyone try harder than them. 

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Jayson Werth: Why the Washington Nationals Are Misguided in Their Efforts

So the Washington Nationals are trying to become a contender.

That’s great. Who doesn’t love some parity?

But, someone might want to let them know they’re going about it the wrong way.

Jayson Werth is not the answer to your problems.

Consider this: The guy played for your division rival, the Philadelphia Phillies, and they showed little interest in bringing him back. 

That should have been a hint to the Nationals.

Now don’t get me wrong. Werth is a good player, and a tremendous upgrade to the Nationals’ outfield.

But at what cost?

At $18 million a year, for seven years, the Nationals are overpaying and burdening themselves with a huge contract.

Werth has only played two full seasons in the majors, has never had more than 100 RBI, and has never broken .300. And that was in a lineup where pitchers had to throw to him. 

Now throw in the fact that he was playing half his games in Citizen’s Bank Park, and it really calls into question the legitimacy of Werth.

At the end of his contract he will be 38. Major league baseball players generally begin to tail off around 35, so the final years of this deal could be downright awful.

Jayson Werth is going to be a burden for the Washington Nationals, and it’s a shame. 

Maybe not immediately, but eventually.

His best year came in a contract season, which always raises suspicions.

More than likely the Nationals will get the .270 career hitter that they paid for, along with 20 homers, and 75 RBI a season.

Is that worth $18 million?

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MLB Rumors: Where Will Paul Konerko End Up?

A big, big bat is still available on the free agent market. 

First basemen Paul Konerko and his 39 home runs are willing to listen to offers.

Last year Konerko had the best season of his career by hitting .312 with 39 home runs and 111 RBI. 

So who might be willing to spend some money to bring in the big bat?

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San Francisco Giants: Can Miguel Tejada Help Them Repeat?

Brian Sabean has done it again.

This time he has gone out and filled the San Francisco Giants’ only real hole by signing shortstop Miguel Tejada to a one-year deal. 

Tejada, a former MVP, is now 36 and at the tail end of his career. 

So the question is, is Tejada the right man to help the Giants repeat? 

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Derek Jeter and Free Agent Fails: Infamous Times a Hero Has Been Snubbed

The sports industry is an odd one.

You can give your heart and soul to a team and its fans, and they can want no part of you when it comes to a new contract. 

There have been several instances where a player has chosen to move on, or a team chooses to trade a player and at least get something for their star player.

But, in rare instances, a player wants nothing more in the world than to remain with his team. Only to find out that the team doesn’t feel the same, but some other team is more than willing to take them in.

Right now in New York, the Yankees general manager has encouraged iconic short stop Derek Jeter to shop his services around baseball to see if he cant best a Yankees offer of three years for $45 million

If the Yankees let Jeter go, he would undoubtedly be the biggest fan favorite not to retain a contract with the team he became famous with.

For comparison here are ten instances where it has happened in the past, and feel free to use the comments section to remind me of the ones I missed.

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Little League World Series 2010: Breaking Down the Bracket

We are six days into this year’s Little League World Series. The brackets are beginning to narrow and a few elite teams are emerging.

Actually, the six days part is a little deceiving. Just to get this far in Williamsport, many of these kids have played dozens of games this summer, often times beginning in May or June.

By the end of August 29th, there will be one winner.

So who has the inside track to Little League fame and glory?

Let’s take a look.

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Armando Galarraga: For His Sake, Extend Instant Replay

Eight and two—thirds perfect innings.

Everyone agrees it is that 27th out that is the hardest. There was Jason Donald hitting a slow roller to first and hustling down the line.

Armando Galarraga beat him to the bag. He knew it. Miguel Cabrera celebrated. Jason Donald knew he’d been thrown out.

But, Jim Joyce, the first base umpire, saw it differently.

And, sadly, to the history books that is all that matters. 

The game just ended and if you haven’t heard what happened to Armando Galarraga yet, I’d be shocked. 

The 27th batter was erroneously called safe.

Go check Facebook and Twitter. Pure outrage. And, I don’t even know people from Detroit.

I wouldn’t be surprised if umpire Jim Joyce is placed under police protection while he remains in Detroit.

This could have all been avoided. If MLB were to adopt a NFL—like replay challenge system, everyone would be much happier.

Armando Galarraga would have his perfect game. The 21st in MLB history, and the third this year. Incredible really.

Instead here we are, mourning as a baseball nation. Hating Jim Joyce. Wishing we could do something for Galarraga, but feeling helpless instead.

In another world Jim Leyland would have thrown a red flag from his pocket without leaving the dugout. The crew chief would go review the play and discover that Jason Donald had been, in fact, thrown out by a solid two feet.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Give the manager a challenge or two per game. Allow the umpires the discretion to review close plays in game—changing situations. If there were ever a time to push for it, it’s now. 

The baseball world would throw their full support behind an idea that would prevent such travesties as what happened to Galarraga. 

The one downside? Adding time to already lengthy games.

But when human error can change baseball history, instant replay needs to be extended in some form in MLB. 

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