So the Washington Nationals are trying to become a contender.

That’s great. Who doesn’t love some parity?

But, someone might want to let them know they’re going about it the wrong way.

Jayson Werth is not the answer to your problems.

Consider this: The guy played for your division rival, the Philadelphia Phillies, and they showed little interest in bringing him back. 

That should have been a hint to the Nationals.

Now don’t get me wrong. Werth is a good player, and a tremendous upgrade to the Nationals’ outfield.

But at what cost?

At $18 million a year, for seven years, the Nationals are overpaying and burdening themselves with a huge contract.

Werth has only played two full seasons in the majors, has never had more than 100 RBI, and has never broken .300. And that was in a lineup where pitchers had to throw to him. 

Now throw in the fact that he was playing half his games in Citizen’s Bank Park, and it really calls into question the legitimacy of Werth.

At the end of his contract he will be 38. Major league baseball players generally begin to tail off around 35, so the final years of this deal could be downright awful.

Jayson Werth is going to be a burden for the Washington Nationals, and it’s a shame. 

Maybe not immediately, but eventually.

His best year came in a contract season, which always raises suspicions.

More than likely the Nationals will get the .270 career hitter that they paid for, along with 20 homers, and 75 RBI a season.

Is that worth $18 million?

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