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Yankees Prospects Shine In Spring Training: Is It Enough for Francisco Liriano?

The New York Yankees faced off against the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday and allowed some of their developing prospects get some playing time.

Among the crop of prospects were Ivan Nova, Dellin Betances and Jesus Montero.

Nova and Betances are two pitchers looking for a shot to pitch in the Major League rotation for the Yankees. The Yankees have two slots open and are looking for a top performer this spring to fill it.

Trading for a big-name starting pitcher is among the options that the Yankees have, but they are currently not leaning towards that approach. There have been reports that they are keeping their eyes on at least one solid American League pitcher, and that is Francisco Liriano of the Minnesota Twins.

The Twins have Liriano on the trading block, but are looking for prospects in return from any team willing to make an offer. The Yankees showed today that they have a few pieces that they can add to the puzzle and possibly make a blockbuster move sometime soon.

Nova, with two scoreless innings of work, showed scouts today that he can start off a game very well. Only time will tell if he can keep it up for five or six innings at a time.

Betances is a prospect that the front office may not be ready to give up on. He has a ton of upside and his stuff against the Phillies was dynamite. He was lighting up the radar guns with his fastball. His delivery scared a few people because it looked like it might be putting a bit too much strain on his arm, but that is something that can be closely examined with a good pitching coach. 

It has been said several times that Jesus Montero is untouchable and he very well may be, but he showed that he still has some room to improve his swing. He had an RBI in the game and looked good catching Nova. The Yankees will most likely not package him in any deal this season. 

As much as it pains fans to realize, Jorge Posada will not be around too much longer. He is headed toward the end of his career and may have one or two more seasons left in the tank after 2011. It is too early to pinpoint exactly when he may be calling it quits, but Montero is the next best option that the Yankees have.

Posada has taken on the role of designated hitter in the lineup and very soon may be more of a mentor to Montero than he has been in the past. 

Liriano is the Yankees best option in case all else fails this spring. Packaging Nova, Betances and Montero in one deal would hurt the Yankees. That is not the solution.

This spring, the Yankees’ plan should be to display the talent that their prospects have and then mix and match for a deal.

They should avoid pressing the panic button and throwing away all their best young talent. 

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MLB: Miguel Cabrera Set to Return Against the New York Yankees on Monday

When it comes to Spring Training, most times the press will be all over the New York Yankees for making a huge offseason move or because one of their players is causing controversy.

But on Monday, the Yankees and Detroit Tigers will take the same field for a Spring Training exhibition game, and the press will be all around Miguel Cabrera.

Jim Leyland announced Cabrera will return to the Tigers lineup when they face the Yankees on Monday, so it looks like the Yankees will have a day off from the spotlight at Spring Training. 

Cabrera will be returning to the Tigers lineup as a designated hitter for the first time this season, after being suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. 

The incident started a few weeks ago in Florida when Cabrera was stopped by police under suspicion of being intoxicated. Last week, he showed up to the Tigers’ camp and was swarmed by a deluge of reporters with tons of questions for the slugger. 

He did not play for the Tigers when they were slated to face the Blue Jays, but he did take a few swings. It did not look like his recent troubles have caused him to fall off his game.

The Tigers’ slugger has the talent to play first base again this season. He used to play third base early on in his career and could probably still play there if he were ever needed in an emergency. But the Tigers will most likely use Cabrera at first base or designated hitter this season. 

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Welcome Back, Luis Vizcaino: New York Yankees Go Back in Time to Find a Reliever

The New York Yankees relied on the right arm of Luis Vizcaino as their bridge to Mariano Rivera in 2007.

The Yankees acquired him in the deal that also brought along Randy Johnson for a short amount of time. Then they sent Vizcaino on his way and chose not to re-sign him when his contract expired.

Vizcaino’s road in the Major Leagues was crazy afterwards. He signed with the Colorado Rockies only to be traded early on to the Chicago Cubs, who would release him in the same season.

The Cleveland Indians signed him to a deal, but deja vu would happen, and he would be released after a few weeks.

Ever since 2009, Vizcaino has been out of the Major Leagues. He did participate in the Dominican Winter League the last few weeks, and as a result the Yankees have decided to give him another shot in their bullpen.

Vizcaino will have to prove himself first, as the deal that is in place for him is only a minor league deal. Marc Carig of is reporting that the deal can be worth up to $750K if he makes the Major League roster.

The Yankees have been red-hot with signing players that are expected to be scrubs for a game here and there. First it was Mark Prior, and now Luis Vizcaino. Someone please alert the Yankees front office and tell them that it is going to be 2011 and not 2007. 

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MLB Offseason Report: Mariano Rivera Hopes to Recruit Andy Pettitte For 2011

The Yankees have been doing a lot of waiting this offseason. They waited for Cliff Lee to choose his team. They waited for Derek Jeter to accept their offer. Then they stayed put a while too long and lost out on Zach Greinke. Now they await a decision from Andy Pettitte as to whether or not he will pitch in 2011. 

The Yankees starting rotation for 2011 may be in shambles if Pettitte chooses not to return. A few days ago, Brian Cashman said that he would not pressure Pettitte into making a decision quickly. Now there are reports surfacing that Mariano Rivera may be making a phone call to his long-time teammate to see if he can return to the mound in 2011. 

Cashman is optimistic about 2011 when he spoke, saying that he will bring back a 95-win team next year. Andy Pettitte definitely has to be in the equation for the Yankees to win 95 games next year. 

He excelled this year, but got hurt in the second half of the season. He was not as dominant, but he continued to show some consistency as a dominant veteran of the mound. 

The main factor surrounding the decision as to whether he will return will be money. Pettitte has expressed his desire to spend more time with his family in Texas, but the Yankees need him. 

In the past, the Yankees have been known to disrespect some of its aging stars by not offering so much money on the table. It happened to Bernie Williams and Joe Torre later on wrote about his unhappiness afterwards in The Yankee Years

Andy Pettitte has been a fan favorite for a long time in the Bronx, and seeing him leave due to financial unhappiness seems like the wrong way to end his story. The Yankees should reach into their pockets and put the right amount of money on the table, because the only perfect ending to Andy Pettitte’s story is one more World Series Championship. With Pettitte on the team, the ending seems possible.

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Andy Pettitte Looks to Make a Decision on Career in Next Few Days

The New York Yankees struck out on Cliff Lee and now their attention turns to not losing one of their own. Andy Pettitte is currently exploring his options as to whether he will return or not. The southpaw put together one of his best seasons last year. 

Brian Cashman has spoken about Pettitte, saying that the Yankees organization will not pressure him to make a decision on his possible return. There is a slight sense of panic in the air if Pettitte chooses not to return. The Yankees do not have a set rotation for opening day. The loss in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes has left behind many questions that the front office appears to be having difficulty answering.

The New York Post quotes Cashman as saying, “He knows if he puts himself in play, we’d love to talk to him. I think the pull of the potential retirement is a little stronger than normal. It’s a very deep and personal decision for him. Andy’s been a great Yankee, and I can’t tell you if he’s going to pitch or not. He has not officially retired. He has not officially decided to play, either.”

Andy Pettitte would most likely take on a third or fourth starter role. The Yankees will most likely have CC Sabathia and Phil Hughes ahead of him. As for AJ Burnett, his status is up in the air after a terrible 2010 season. Ivan Nova seems to be the next option to complete the rotation, but how much confidence is there in him? 

The Yankees need to get their pitching rotation set before moving forward. 

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MLB Offseason Report: Latest on the New York Yankees and Cliff Lee Talks

The New York Yankees fan base was in a state of bedlam yesterday afternoon, when there were reports on Twitter circulating and stating that Cliff Lee had rejected the Yankees offer. Immediately, the reaction was that Brian Cashman should throw more money in the deal. But later on, the rumors settled down as many did not know what to believe. Beat writers told fans to be careful what was out there and what they read. 

Brian Cashman has not taken a trip to visit Cliff Lee in Arkansas since his last visit. The Star Ledger is reporting that Brian Cashman may be willing to take yet another trip. The last time Cashman visited, there were reports that an apology was made to Cliff Lee’s wife for certain fan behavior during the playoffs. Only good can come out of a visit. 

The Yankees and Texas Rangers are playing a game where they are only waiting on Cliff Lee’s decision. Lee is the only person in control right now. There is not much that the Yankees front office can do; other than maybe add to their offer. It would be a risky move to make. 

Yesterday, there were sources reporting that the Red Sox are out on the Cliff Lee sweepstakes. It was mostly just to get their names in contention to up some offers. Their focus was mostly on Carl Crawford. Cliff Lee served as a smoke screen in their negotiations.

Yankee fans can only be optimistic about Lee at this point. There will be some doubters, but some people in the front office (mainly Hal Steinbrenner) are channelling their inner George Steinbrenner. Steinbrenner expressed his optimism and said that the Yankees are only moving forward and that is what makes them the more attractive offer on the table.

Cliff Lee is in control of the clock and when he makes his decision.  

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Zack Greinke: Kansas City Royals Talking To New York Yankees

Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Kansas City Royals may be putting their ace pitcher on the market this off-season in hopes of getting a large return.

Among the teams that have been interested in Zach Greinke’s services are the New York Yankees. 

While currently focused on signing free-agent Cliff Lee, the Yankees might make a run at Greinke should things fail to work out. But, the Yankees are currently on a list of fifteen teams that Greinke could block a trade to, if the Royals opt to trade him. 

According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, the Royals right-hander could choose to make a move to New York since they technically fall under the category of a team that can contend next season.

Greinke would be pleased to be traded to a contending team. 

A source told Passan that Greinke “wants to go to a team that wins.”

These winter meetings will be crucial when it comes to straightening out the New York Yankees pitching rotation for next year.

Cliff Lee could sign soon and the Yankees may need to start putting together a back-up plan and that’s where Greinke comes in. 

On the flip side, the Texas Rangers will likely make a move for Greinke if Cliff Lee chooses to don the pinstripes at Yankee Stadium next year.

Nolan Ryan seems to be fearless this off-season when it comes to making moves and preserving the Rangers’ success into 2011. 

A move for Greinke would have him signed through the 2012 season, which is fine for either the Yankees or Rangers due to the fact that the pitching market is not expected to be strong in the next few off-seasons. 

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MLB Free Agency Report: New York Yankees Not “Desperate” for Cliff Lee

According to Fox Sports’ South West Division, Brian Cashman has spoken to the media saying the New York Yankees have interest in the Rangers’ southpaw pitcher, but they are not “desperate.” Cliff Lee is the most talented free agent pitcher on the market this Winter and the New York Yankees are always the most aggressive on the free-agent fronts. 

The Yankees have the money and interest to sign Cliff Lee. The cards just have to fall right and Lee accept an offer. 

A lot has been made about the disrespect received by Cliff Lee’s wife at a postseason game at Yankee Stadium. Brian Cashman made a trip out to Cliff Lee’s home to meet with the lefty’s agent, the pitcher himself and his wife. 

The direct quote from Fox Sports’ conversation with Cashman has him saying: “I don’t feel like we are in a desperate situation here. I think we have a lot of quality players on this team that won 95 games and fell two games short of a World Series…That’s when you have to be willing to roll with the punches and have Plan Bs, Cs, Ds and Fs up there.”

The Yankees believe themselves to be the front-runners in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes due to their money and possible contract length. They could be underestimating Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers’ front-office. The Angels are also in the game for a pitcher and Lee looks attractive. 

It’s pretty clear that the Yankees are not alone and will have some big competition for Cliff Lee and at some point they may have to change their stance from not desperate to absolutely necessary to sign. The Yankees are on the clock to make a move. 

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New York Yankees’ Top 15 Postseason Performers of All-Time

The New York Yankees find themselves in a hole this postseason against the Texas Rangers. Looks like they need a hero? In this slide-show, Bleacher Report takes a moment to look at some of the past heroes in New York Yankees history. From dazzling starts to clutch moments, when a player carries the team it can lead to great fame. 

But when the player is wearing pinstripes, a moment of greatness can lead to baseball immortality in the Bronx. 

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MLB Trade Rumors: 10 Starters NY Yankees Can Pursue If They Whiff on Cliff Lee

The New York Yankees have advanced to the ALCS this year and made themselves known as a team that can win year in and year out. The Yankees could wrap up the season with another World Series win or a loss to whomever they have to play in the ALCS.

Either way, the Yankees already have the reputation of going hard in the offseason for some of the top of the line players on the market. This year the focus may be on pitching. That is where Cliff Lee’s name comes in. But here is a scenario; What if the Yankees wiff on Lee?

Here are the next best 

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