The New York Yankees relied on the right arm of Luis Vizcaino as their bridge to Mariano Rivera in 2007.

The Yankees acquired him in the deal that also brought along Randy Johnson for a short amount of time. Then they sent Vizcaino on his way and chose not to re-sign him when his contract expired.

Vizcaino’s road in the Major Leagues was crazy afterwards. He signed with the Colorado Rockies only to be traded early on to the Chicago Cubs, who would release him in the same season.

The Cleveland Indians signed him to a deal, but deja vu would happen, and he would be released after a few weeks.

Ever since 2009, Vizcaino has been out of the Major Leagues. He did participate in the Dominican Winter League the last few weeks, and as a result the Yankees have decided to give him another shot in their bullpen.

Vizcaino will have to prove himself first, as the deal that is in place for him is only a minor league deal. Marc Carig of is reporting that the deal can be worth up to $750K if he makes the Major League roster.

The Yankees have been red-hot with signing players that are expected to be scrubs for a game here and there. First it was Mark Prior, and now Luis Vizcaino. Someone please alert the Yankees front office and tell them that it is going to be 2011 and not 2007. 

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