The New York Yankees struck out on Cliff Lee and now their attention turns to not losing one of their own. Andy Pettitte is currently exploring his options as to whether he will return or not. The southpaw put together one of his best seasons last year. 

Brian Cashman has spoken about Pettitte, saying that the Yankees organization will not pressure him to make a decision on his possible return. There is a slight sense of panic in the air if Pettitte chooses not to return. The Yankees do not have a set rotation for opening day. The loss in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes has left behind many questions that the front office appears to be having difficulty answering.

The New York Post quotes Cashman as saying, “He knows if he puts himself in play, we’d love to talk to him. I think the pull of the potential retirement is a little stronger than normal. It’s a very deep and personal decision for him. Andy’s been a great Yankee, and I can’t tell you if he’s going to pitch or not. He has not officially retired. He has not officially decided to play, either.”

Andy Pettitte would most likely take on a third or fourth starter role. The Yankees will most likely have CC Sabathia and Phil Hughes ahead of him. As for AJ Burnett, his status is up in the air after a terrible 2010 season. Ivan Nova seems to be the next option to complete the rotation, but how much confidence is there in him? 

The Yankees need to get their pitching rotation set before moving forward. 

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