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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 17

A proactive fantasy baseball manager already has an eye ahead to August 1’s MLB trade deadline.

The moves are bound to create new opportunities by way of playing time and role improvements. Nobody can predict every impact deal, but now is the time to anticipate possible shake-ups before the competition acts first.

This particularly applies to a relief pitcher in line for saves if the closer gets peddled by next week. Tyler Clippard has already become the beneficiary of such a move, and someone else could emerge if the Arizona Diamondbacks flip him as well.

Besides, the waiver wire isn’t flooding with talent otherwise. This list breaks the normal practice of not mentioning the same player more than once, as the circumstances have changed enough to warrant another look.

The following players are available in over 50 percent of Yahoo Sports leagues, so give them a look during July’s final week.

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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 16

At a previous time as recent as June, seeing these MLB players on the fantasy baseball waiver wire would have seemed ridiculous.

As the unofficial second half of the baseball season kicks into gear, ailing managers can locate relief from familiar options. A 2015 All-Star has resurfaced, as has a former saves leader and slugger pegged to go bonkers this season.

Last year’s best second-half add is available in more than half of Yahoo Sports leagues. With a clean bill of health, he could once again make an impact down the stretch.

One top prospect is waiting for the call to join the ruckus. Another who debuted four years ago finally has a chance to realize his star potential.

Then there are two second-year players who took drastic turns from studs to duds. Impatient gamers abandoned the young sophomores, but there’s plenty of time for both to find their footing and resume their journeys to stardom.

Here are this week’s top waiver-wire adds.

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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 15

Fantasy baseball gamers need the MLB All-Star break nearly as much as the players.

Managing a fake baseball squad is a thankless job with no off days. There’s a reason fantasy football has commanded more mainstream popularity. Instead of setting one lineup a week, MLB fiends must monitor leagues on a daily basis for half the year.

More than midway into the season, owners of rotting rotisserie squads are realizing an epic comeback isn’t happening. But don’t give up this far into the game.

Instead, take these extra few days to recharge. Rather than worrying about the daily grind, study the bigger picture. What categories need work? Does any position stick out as a weakness or expendable strength to address before the league’s trade deadline?

Now is also a time to cut dead weight, regardless of their preseason draft slot, for a free agent in better position to help down the stretch. Let’s take a look at players available in over 50 percent of Yahoo Sports leagues to grab before play resumes on Friday.

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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 14

Even during a 162-game season, one amazing day can command the attention of fantasy baseball players everywhere.

Multiple players blazed their path into this week’s wavier-wire recommendations with a monster statement game. Perhaps the magic has already passed, but it’s tough to ignore a dominant performance.

Although the following players are available in over 50 percent of Yahoo Sports leagues as of Sunday evening, their ownership rates will steadily increase over the next few days. That’s especially true for the man pictured above, who will soon be claimed in a majority of leagues.

What else is there to do on a holiday besides scour the open market for free agents? Consider freeing these players from the tyranny of the fantasy waiver wire. 

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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 13

Some of this week’s fantasy baseball waiver-wire recommendations will cause readers to second-check the article’s published date.

Accompanied by a few young up-starts, this list features several former studs well past their glory years. They’re all available in over 50 percent of Yahoo Sports leagues, but the veterans would have even smaller ownership rates if not for their past successes.

After horrible starts and/or injury absences, these guys are gradually returning to relevancy. And then there’s an uncomfortable moral conundrum managers must address.

Let’s take a look at free agents to scoop up entering June’s final week.

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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 12

The fantasy baseball waiver wire can’t stay hot forever.

Through hot streaks, call-ups and role changes, a steady stream of worthwhile free agents circulate on a regular basis. Yet an upgrade isn’t always available at no cost, and there’s no law requiring fantasy players to pick someone up every week. 

This might be a week to lay low. Assembling a fruitful list of 10 waiver-wire recommendations has never proved tougher this season. Some options are limited to smaller mixed leagues.

Plenty of talented players remain available in over 50 percent of Yahoo Sports leagues. Most of them, however, have already received recognition here in previous weeks.

Rajai Davis, Matt Adams, Trevor Bauer and Jonathan Gray deserve more attention. The red-hot Justin Turner is right on the ownership cutoff point. In a competitive league, someone should have added Trayce Thompson weeks ago.

With so many risers already highlighted, this list features fallers looking to earn forgiveness from those who dropped them earlier this season. Those players deserve second chances, and the other guys justify a first look.

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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 11

Fantasy baseball often boils down to which MLB players receive the appropriate opportunity to succeed. A talented player is useless without playing time or the right role, and favorable circumstances can elevate a middling contributor.

Week 11’s waiver-wire recommendations have always had the skills, but most only recently received the proper role. This includes two relievers instantly made relevant by save potential and a pair of first basemen who slugged their way into relevance.

Three prospects have also arrived in the majors—two for the second time this year. With their respected clubs expressing a commitment to making this stint last, they’re worth a look in all mixed leagues.

Then there are a couple of starting pitchers who have cemented their previously unstable rotation spots with a streak of strong outings. All of these players remain available in over half of Yahoo Sports leagues, but their ownership rates should skyrocket over the next few days.

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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 10

Never permanently discard an MLB player who doesn’t immediately offer fantasy baseball production.

One way or another, most waiver-wire recommendations are getting a second chance to meet previously higher expectations. This includes a player almost ditched before playing an official game.

Some former contributors on this list never met their potential, but they’re currently reaching new heights. It may feel like they have been around forever, but none of these forgotten players has celebrated his 30th birthday yet.

Three players headlining the list formerly generated electric buzz as top-ranked prospects. Even though nobody from the trio has turned 24, they somehow became old news before recent resurgences. Yes, this 25-year-old writer is willing to give another shot to professional baseball players in their early 20s who didn’t immediately mature into All-Stars.

The following players, all available in over 50 percent of Yahoo Sports leagues, can give fantasy gamers an extra jolt entering the second week of June. 

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Fantasy Baseball 2016: Buy-Low, Sell-High Trade Advice After 2 Months

By now, most fantasy baseball players hate their teams.

There’s a commonly cited notion of MLB clubs using Memorial Day as a reflection point. Two bad weeks isn’t enough to panic, but two months represents a more significant sample size. Fantasy managers often think the same way, ditching the “it’s still early” line when the calendar turns to June.

While gamers—especially those in rotisserie leagues—should have a grasp of their team’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s often still too early to write the book on individual players.

Last year, David Ortiz exited May hitting .224 with six home runs. Instead of everyone begging him to keep playing, critics were calling him washed up. From June 1 onward, he batted .296 with 31 homers.

Unable to harness psychic powers, fantasy players instead fixate on the current stats and assume nothing will change. It will. Slumping stars will figure it out, and unexpected phenoms will turn back into pumpkins. Not always, but the law of averages flaunts a strong track record.

Early June is a popular time for fantasy trading. Rather than falling for the flavor of the month, sell those whose value has peaked and target credible contributors at discount prices.

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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Top 10 Pickups for Week 9

Nearly one-third into the 2016 MLB season, fantasy baseball players have received plenty of reminders of the game’s cruelty.

Far too often, players take extreme detours without rhyme or reason. Remember when Gio Gonzalez allowed four earned runs over his first five starts? He has coughed up 19 in his last five outings. Anyone who picked up Mat Latos on April 25, when he boasted a 0.74 ERA, has watched his ERA balloon to 4.06.

The Ringer founder Bill Simmons uncovered the truth to fantasy sports when he tweeted that they “only exist to make us feel bad about ourselves.” He’s right. Take it from someone who expected big things from Michael Pineda.

Most of the following highlighted players are riding high, and some of those successes will inevitably prove all smoke and mirrors. Some may stick, and there’s hopefully a middle ground where these hot hands normalize into serviceable fantasy options.

All available in more than half of Yahoo Sports leagues, adding these players could make fantasy gamers feel smart for a change.

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