The fantasy baseball waiver wire can’t stay hot forever.

Through hot streaks, call-ups and role changes, a steady stream of worthwhile free agents circulate on a regular basis. Yet an upgrade isn’t always available at no cost, and there’s no law requiring fantasy players to pick someone up every week. 

This might be a week to lay low. Assembling a fruitful list of 10 waiver-wire recommendations has never proved tougher this season. Some options are limited to smaller mixed leagues.

Plenty of talented players remain available in over 50 percent of Yahoo Sports leagues. Most of them, however, have already received recognition here in previous weeks.

Rajai Davis, Matt Adams, Trevor Bauer and Jonathan Gray deserve more attention. The red-hot Justin Turner is right on the ownership cutoff point. In a competitive league, someone should have added Trayce Thompson weeks ago.

With so many risers already highlighted, this list features fallers looking to earn forgiveness from those who dropped them earlier this season. Those players deserve second chances, and the other guys justify a first look.

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