Never permanently discard an MLB player who doesn’t immediately offer fantasy baseball production.

One way or another, most waiver-wire recommendations are getting a second chance to meet previously higher expectations. This includes a player almost ditched before playing an official game.

Some former contributors on this list never met their potential, but they’re currently reaching new heights. It may feel like they have been around forever, but none of these forgotten players has celebrated his 30th birthday yet.

Three players headlining the list formerly generated electric buzz as top-ranked prospects. Even though nobody from the trio has turned 24, they somehow became old news before recent resurgences. Yes, this 25-year-old writer is willing to give another shot to professional baseball players in their early 20s who didn’t immediately mature into All-Stars.

The following players, all available in over 50 percent of Yahoo Sports leagues, can give fantasy gamers an extra jolt entering the second week of June. 

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