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10 Ways to Pass the Time ’til Spring Training

Major League Baseball is on hiatus until mid-February, but these 10 suggestions will keep fans entertained and occupied until spring training begins.

Plan your offseason carefully because particular experiences are only offered for a limited time. Others, meanwhile, can be enjoyed at your convenience.

Keep busy and this downtime will fly by.

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5 Most Amazing Food Options for Fans in MLB Stadiums

Though it usually costs an arm and a leg, I love eating ballpark food.  After all, a guy’s gotta eat, right?  Still, though they all taste delicious, the usual stadium diet of hot dogs, peanuts, Cracker Jack and beer gets old.

Fortunately, most MLB stadiums have done a fine job moving into the 21st century by tremendously upgrading the food available to the fans.  Be it spicy mac-and-cheese or different takes on a hot dog, eating at the ballpark no longer carries the stigma of throwing money away for crappy food.  For once, fans are starting to get some bang for their buck.

In my case, I’ve been to quite a few ballparks and sampled the various cuisine available there.  Thus, allow me to offer some travel advice to you loyal readers once again as I take you on the ultimate MLB stadium food tour.

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20 Best "Old Guys" in Baseball History

They say that baseball is a young man’s game.

The constant running, training and wear-and-tear placed on a man’s body can be grueling. Over the years, it can cause even the healthiest of men to break down. 

Every so often, there are those players that defy that logic. Some may call it luck, while others consider it good genes; at the end of the day, however, it all boils down to the love of the game.

To take a look at MLB History, there have been numerous players who have managed to stay in the game through their late 30s. At that point, the numbers drop off.

The purpose of this list is to look at those players to managed to play at a high, or fairly high, level after reaching the age of 40.

More so, if they were a position player, they must have put in over 100 games of work. If they’re a pitcher, they must have 100 innings pitched under their belt.

With those caveats in mind, here is a look at the 20 greatest “old guys” in MLB history.

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Washington Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg Goes Cold After Icy Hot Prank

Stephen Strasburg‘s day could have gone better. Perhaps a better performance on the mound and less Icy Hot on his testicles would have helped. 

Nobody is perfect. That includes Nationals’ ace Stephen Strasburg and the alleged prankster that put something hot where it doesn’t belong. 

Oh, I know that you must have a ton of questions after a statement like that. All in good time. 

The Nationals dropped a game to the Padres on Tuesday. Losing to San Diego is embarrassment enough, but the Nats found a new way to make headlines. 

Consider this tweet from the Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore.


Thankfully, we have a few more details on the biggest mystery of the day. CSN Washington’s Mark Zuckerman offers this in a tweet.


Strasburg had a dominant 1.64 ERA coming into the game and left with a 2.25 ERA. Through four innings, the young ace allowed seven hits and four earned runs. 

In short and simple terms, he wasn’t himself. 

Having a foreign substance that can leave a burning sensation in the most delicate of places might do that. 

I’m all for pranks and leaving itching powder, Icy Hot or something else on the man’s jockstrap, if that is indeed what happened, but there is a time and place. 

If you want a specific time, I don’t have one. I would think anytime other than his turn in the rotation would be a good idea. 

The think tank they have over in Washington is just brilliant. Watch out, Bryce Harper, because you’re next. 

Follow me on Twitter and we can be BFF’s. 

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Ranking Every MLB Team’s Highest-Paid Fielder by Value

The New York Yankees have the highest payroll in baseball. Not surprisingly they have the highest-paid player in baseball in Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod will be paid $32 million for the 2011 season. That’s only $4.1 less than the entire Kansas City Royals team will be paid.

Does the production at the plate justify the investment?

I rated the performance so far this season for the highest-paid fielder from each major league team. The resulting ranking was based on offensive production—hits, runs, RBI and games played. The data was normalized for the salary of each player and then scored. 

Some readers may find the ranking unfair because the data was not averaged on a per-game basis and would lower the ranking of any player that has been on the disabled list. While injuries are a part of the game, the salary is still being paid and the player is not producing.

Here’s a look at how the top-paid fielders from each team stack up.

The results are through July 1st, marking the approximate halfway point of the season.

Who’s getting their money’s worth, and what teams should be asking for a refund?

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Marilyn Monroe and the 25 Hottest WAGs in MLB History

Baseball season is in full swing! Yet, there is still one question we don’t know about the game of baseball as it stands today.

No, it has nothing to do about the current MLB standings or anything, but rather, about the hottest WAGs in MLB history. 

Sure we all know of the many girlfriends and wives our favorite baseball players have had over the years, but which girls are the hottest?

Are some of today’s current baseball girlfriends hotter than the girls of yesterday?

Or are wives the way to turn when talking about representing America’s Pastime in the most sexiest way?

Forget bringing a ball and a bat to this game; just bring your best pair of eyes and hold on tight, for you are about to enter a ride through what it is like as a major leaguer.

Here now are the 25 hottest WAGs in MLB history. Enjoy.

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Derek Jeter vs Justin Timberlake: Top 5 Hottest Girlfriends

Derek Jeter vs. Justin Timberlake

The two greatest American bachelors still on the prowl today.

John Mayer used to give them a run for their money, but women have scorned him since he referenced Jessica Simpson as “sexual napalm”.

So, let’s settle the debate once and for all.

Who has dated hotter girls? Jeter or Timberlake?

I’ll compare their five hottest girlfriends (in my opinion of course) to determine the ultimate winner.

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2011 Philadelphia Phillies: How Well Do You Know the Team?

Opening Day (for the Philadelphia Phillies, anyway) is only eight days away!

I’ve been told that I can hardly contain my excitement, and I won’t disagree with that assessment.

In that regard, I don’t know if today’s thirty degree, rainy weather is getting me more or less geeked up for the April Fools’ Day opener.

The proximity of the regular season baseball opener does have me staying up late posting the following Phillies quiz for all of you fans to enjoy.

And yes, some of these questions may be easy, but others my challenge you just a bit. And there are a few that may have you screaming, “Who gives a da_n.” Or worse.

All of the questions are focused on current players, but down the line (and still in fair territory), I may unleash some questions that will test your expertise on Phillies history.

Please close your books, sharpen your pencil, and get to it.

There are a dozen questions, so each is worth eight points, for a subtotal of 96. If you either spell or say Antonio Bastardo correctly, award yourself an extra four.

Good luck, and feel free to post your score in the comments section.

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MLB Hall of Shame: Jose Canseco and the 25 Most Highly Suspected Juicers Ever

The sooner the mass public accepts the fact that steroids were ingrained into the fabric of baseball during the “Steroid Era,” the better.

There was no test for it. It was a part of the game.

Now every time someone hits a home run, eyebrows raise across the MLB and the same question runs through every expert’s mind: Is he juicing?

While steroid usage has certainly decreased dramatically in recent years, the success of these 25 guys make it pretty easy to assume that something was going on behind the scenes. Without further ado, here are the 25 most highly suspected juicers in baseball.

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Kiana Kim: Pete Rose’s Trophy Girlfriend Poses For Sexy New Calendar

Kiana Kim, Pete Rose’s super sexy girlfriend, is releasing her newest calendar. So why not take this opportunity to stare at Charlie Hustle’s lady in a purely appropriate manner. Thy shall not covet thy neighbor’s chick. Unless of course my neighbor is serving a lifetime ban from baseball. 

So as Kiana Kim drops her latest calendar so you can keep your appointments while looking at a hot woman, I am releasing my opus. A slide show dedicated to the hot, vivacious, Ms. Kim. 

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