In the fourth inning of Monday’s Yankees game against the Royals, a more serious battle broke out. In the end, Mother Nature laid a whooping on the egos of the New York grounds crew. 

Play was stopped for almost an hour during what would be an eventual 5-1 win for the visiting Royals. So really, the best part of the night for the scant fans who stayed and tried to remain dry was this humbling attempt by the grounds crew to tarp the infield. 

Go ahead and enjoy the plight of others as you watch a bunch of professionals work diligently against a stubborn tarp. 

The weight of the water is far too heavy for the crew to walk the last few feet to complete their task. No worries because a superhero dressed in slacks and a business shirt runs onto the field to save the day. 

Sadly, all he got was a drenched shirt and labored breathing. 

The announcers are busy trying to figure out who this random fan is who threw warmth and comfort to the side in order to lend a helping hand. 

I have no way of knowing this, but I suspect he might be a stadium official of some sorts. If he is indeed just a fan who thought he could lend the manpower to get that tarp the needed distance, he most definitely deserves a round of applause. 

Fortunately, one member decided to step back and think through the problem—ultimately deciding to flip the tarp over to shed all the accumulated water. 

Finally, the tarp covers a very drenched infield. 

You may not see the effort in the box score, but we doff our caps to a beleaguered grounds crew who earned their money Monday night. 


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