A shipment of corkboard arrived at Fenway Park today, with a note from New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

“Dear Red Sox,” the letter began. “I noticed on a recent tour of your facilities that you didn’t have a bulletin board to hang disparaging articles that might contain offensive quotes from other teams, like ours. That is something all teams must do for motivation, and so sports radio hosts can speculate how big an effect said quotes will have on your performance against that team. Enjoy.”

Red Sox management did not take kindly to being sent this bulletin board material by a rival club. They immediately declared that they will instead buy their own bulletin board, and hang upon it a piece of this bulletin board material from the Yankees, as proof that the Yanks don’t think they are a professional franchise.

“The Yanks think we don’t know what to put in a locker room?” said Red Sox GM Theo Epstein. “We’ve been getting mad at them for years without the need to put quotes on the wall. But so be it, this bulletin board material they sent us will be the ultimate piece of bulletin board material!”

It’s being speculated by New York talk radio that Cashman is currently in the process of hanging Epstein’s quote on the Yankee Stadium bulletin board.


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