Alex Rodriguez is currently three home runs from becoming the seventh member of the elite 600 Home Run Club.

Given the magnitude of the home run and the value of the ball, we at SeatGeek ( became particularly interested in where A-Rod’s 600th ball will land.

We teamed up with Hit Tracker (, a company that tracks the trajectory of every home run hit in the MLB, to determine not only which sections at Yankee Stadium have the highest probability of the ball landing there, but also the actual seat in the stadium that is the most likely spot for A-Rod to hit number 600—“The Money Seat”.

SeatGeek also monitored ticket prices on the secondary market for sections that have the highest probability of being the landing zone for the 600th homer.

We compared these prices with the average transaction prices of these seats throughout the season to determine a fan’s ROI of buying a ticket in these sections.

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