Sit back and laugh at the hilarious moment Trevor Plouffe found out that the awesome play he just made was destroyed by a baseball that had no intentions of leaving his glove. 

Granted, the Minnesota Twins third baseman probably doesn’t share the Internet’s need to LOL in his general direction. 

Deadspin spotted this odd moment that ended in a somewhat humbling web gem. In the second inning of Monday’s game against the New York Mets, Plouffe dove to his left and made a terrific grab to smother the shot hit by Juan Lagares

Unfortunately, that ball was quite comfortable in the glove’s webbing, and decides to take the afternoon off. 

If that weren’t frustrating enough, Lagares—who was credited with a single—would later score on a hit from Eric Young. In the end, the Twins would drop this one to the Mets, 6-1. 

Something tells me they wanted no part of the baseball field by the end of the day, because when the balls weren’t bouncing their way, they were busy getting stuck in gloves. 

Now this isn’t as rare as you might think, because there are a few players who understand Plouffe‘s plight all too well. 

Back in March, an Oregon Ducks pitcher had the ball stuck in his glove so he decided to toss his mitt to first for what would be a successful out. 

Former Giants pitcher Terry Mulholland did nearly the same thing, as did former Yankees pitcher Orlando Hernandez.  

As it were, it seems we missed the opportunity to see what it would look like for a third baseman to launch his glove from the other side of the field. 

It was a great stop, but you need a little work on the finish, Plouffe


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