YankeesDodgers  is one of the most classic and enduring rivalries in all of American sports. These two clubs have had a unique relationship since the early 20th century when the Dodgers still played at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. Having met each other in the World Series 11 times, most recently in the 1981 fall classic, these are clearly two franchises who don’t like each other.

For those who believe that Yankees-Dodgers has lost its luster over the past 50 years, ticket data for this weekend’s series begs to differ. Tickets for the three game set are transacting at prices of $103.92 for game 1 , $107.22 for game 2 , and $96.95 for game 3 . These prices are significantly higher than the Dodgers average ticket price this season, which is $55.27, and the average prices of the Dodger’s two preceding home series.

This is extra significant given that the two previous series were against high profile opponents, the crosstown rival LA Angels of Anaheim, and the division-leading Cardinals.

While Yankees – Dodgers is a draw regardless of the circumstances, other factors besides the history between these two teams has contributed to the excitement surrounding this series.

First of all, these two teams have not met since 2004. A time so far in the distant past, that one of the games ended with then-Dodgers closer Eric Gagne striking out former Yankee centerfielder Bernie Williams.

Since that time, Gagne has been implicated and admitted to use of performance enhancing drugs and is out of baseball. Bernie Williams has also retired and currently is more comfortable playing his guitar than swinging a bat.

The biggest draw for this series however, is the Joe Torre saga.

While managing the Yankees to four world championships and 10 straight playoff appearances, Joe Torre was a hero amongst New Yorkers.

However, after the 2007 season, Torre and the Yankees had an ugly separation, in which the Yankees offered Torre a contract extension of $5 million plus incentives which he viewed as insultingly low, and bolted to the sunny skies of Los Angeles, like Walter O’Malley and the Dodgers did 50 years earlier.

The Torre-Yankee divorce got even uglier after Torre published a book in which he criticized both Yankee owner George Steinbrenner and all-star third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Add to the mix Manny Ramirez, the inflammatory former Red Sox, and current Dodger outfielder’s first matchup against the Yanks since his departure from Boston two seasons ago, and it’s no wonder this series is the biggest thing to hit LA since Ron Artest’s post game press conference  after the NBA finals.

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