The most famous name in Red Sox history is undoubtedly Ted Williams.   But after Ted, there would seem to be a cluster of players vying for the next tier: you’ve got names like Carl Yastrzemski and Pudge Fisk, Wade Boggs and Jim Rice, all of which are remembered for all the positive things they did in the Red Sox uniform. 

buckner Then there’s Bill Buckner

While its magnitude has been reduced significantly as a result of the franchise’s World Series titles in 2004 and 2007, Buckner’s famous error in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series will forever be remembered as one of the low points in Red Sox history. 

Every Red Sox fan remembers where they were when Mookie Wilson’s slow roller trickled through Buckner’s legs, scoring Ray Knight and handing Game 6 to the Mets, who would go on to win Game 7 and the Series.

It was on May 25th in 1984 that Boston acquired Buckner from the Chicago Cubs in return for minor-leaguer Mike Brumley and eventual MVP, Cy Young winner, and Hall of Famer by the name of Dennis Eckersley .  

Some call it the day one of the most famous chapters in Red Sox history was set in motion.  Others call it simply one of the greatest swaps of famous facial hair in league history. 

bill_buckner   youngeck

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