Over the past two weeks, we at SeatGeek have looked at how Strasburg has affected ticket prices. For his Major League debut, we saw a huge impact on ticket prices  as average transaction prices for his start were more than double the average for the season at Washington. For his second start in Cleveland, he also had an impact on ticket prices, even though it was a road start. There was a 22.2 percent increase for the Strasburg start over the season average at Cleveland.

How long will the Strasburg effect last? We decided to see if Strasburg is having any effect on ticket prices for his next start on Friday at home against the White Sox.

Washington Nationals Ticket Prices: Season Avg. Vs. Strasburg Starts

  • Average ticket prices for Strasburg’s two starts at home are 73 percent greater than the Nationals season average
  • Average ticket prices for Strasburg’s second home start this Friday are 10 percent greater than the season average

Washington Nationals Ticket Prices: Recent Home Games vs. Strasburg Starts

  • Strasburg’s two home starts were the most expensive of the Nationals recent home games.

With MLB.com’s Matthew Leach stating that Strasburg is “on a short list of the top pitchers in baseball,” and with others sharing this belief it seems Strasburg will be having an effect on Nationals tickets for a long, long time.

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