Heading out to the ballpark with a buddy can be a liberating experience, figuratively speaking.  Then again, for some, it can literally be liberating.

Take, for instance, the gentleman below who is proudly sporting a parole ankle bracelet around Busch Stadium this past week.  Nice.  Pre or post-incarceration, best fans in baseball, baby.


Truth be told, we were really hoping to find *some* morsel of the color blue on this fellow, so we could predictably accuse him of being a Cub fans.  Throw in the added possibility of “crossing state borders while on parole”, and there’s a strong possibility that JoeSportsFan racks up our first fan-hunting sting.  That would have been resume-worthy.

Alas, given that miscreant’s compadre is wearing red, we’re pegging him as a Cardinal fan.  Who the hell knows though, really.  At this stage in his life, he’s probably less concerned with team allegiance and more excited about showers without presumed sodomy.

It’s tough to say.

Special thanks to local fan hunter, Jimmy D, for sending this puppy in.  He could have been killed.

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