And for his next trick, Rougned Odor will pull a rabbit out of his hat. 

Yahoo! Sports’ David Brown spotted this video of the Rangers rookie losing a ball in his jersey, causing frustration for the 20-year-old and wild entertainment for the rest of us. 

In the bottom of the sixth inning, with the Rangers leading 4-0 over the Astros, third baseman Matt Dominguez slaps a ground ball towards second where Odor is waiting to gobble it up and…Oh, that’s very clever indeed

Instead of pulling off a routine out, Odor (whom we assume is limited to simply repeating his name when conversing with teammates) decides to show off the ol‘ hidden ball trick for the entertainment of thousands of fans in the stands. 

Really, it was just a case of dumb, horrible luck for the young infielder, whose face really tells the entire story. The announcer chimes in with, “That’s one you don’t see everyday; did everything right. (He) took one for the team, blocked the ball.”

Brown reminds that this is hardly the first time fans have seen this trick: 

It’s an oddity that happens from time to time in baseball. Jarrod Parker of the Athletics lost a ball in his jersey a couple of years ago that became a hit for Ichiro. And Brooks Conrad of the Braves had perhaps the most infamous recent instance of making a ball disappear in his uniform.

Snark and lame “Hodor” jokes aside, this was really just an intriguing moment amid something of a breakout game. Odor came into Monday night 2-for-12 on his young career, but he finally settled in and enjoyed quite the game at the plate. 

Against the Astros, Odor went 2-for-4, including a home run in the sixth that measured 431 feet. According to the Associated Press (h/t ESPN), the infielder has this to say, speaking through a translator, about his early MLB performance: “I’m not scared because it’s the same as down in the minor leagues. I take it in that perspective.”

Odor, it would seem, is taking everything in stride, including wonderfully peculiar mishaps that occur in just his fifth game in the bigs. 

It’s perspective that will aid Odor as he continues in his budding career, knowing all too well that one minute you are slamming a home run and the next you are providing a bit of amusement during a relatively ho-hum May game. 

Odor has already experienced some highs, lows and that meaty hilarity that takes place in between. 


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