The potential of Paul Konerko going to another MLB team in 2005 was highly likely after winning the World Series with the White Sox. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Baltimore Orioles were both reported to propose Konerko additional money than the White Sox did at that time.

On November 30, 2005, Paul Konerko signed a five year $60 million deal with the White Sox.

Relief was evident in Chicago after this particular signing. Confusion stimulated though, on why Paulie did not take the more lucrative offers. Konerko wanted to reside in Chicago where his home and heart is, which is quite difficult to find players like this in the baseball world.

Now, the 2010 season is coming to an end. Konerko’s five year contract is about to run the end of its route, and it is still up in the air if Konerko will be re-signed by the White Sox or move on.

Konerko has confirmed before that he would love to come back to the White Sox after the 2010 season, but still nothing has been said on Kenny Williams’ end.

If Konerko decides to continue playing baseball, there is no explanation why Kenny Williams should let him go.

Paul Konerko has been a part of the White Sox team since 1999.

In his years as a member, Konerko has been a four time All-Star, MVP of the ALC, a World Series Champion and clearly the White Sox team Captain. Konerko has also proven himself to be a consistent threat in the White Sox lineup.

The guidance Konerko has contributed to the team has given the White Sox young stars more courage and strength to be superior players for the future. Konerko has been the Captain for over several years now and deserves more recognition as the leader of the White Sox.

Currently Paul Konerko has carried the team through his natural ability and leadership in the game of baseball. The White Sox would not have the team they have today, nor the existing record if not for Mr. Konerko. He is a remarkable attribute to the team.

Kenny Williams should be figuring out Konerko’s next contract if he already isn’t. If Kenny has any uncertain thoughts in his head, he better consider. Konerko is an extraordinary player, and a leader you should by no means want to release.

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