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The Five W’s of the Chicago White Sox

None of the 5 W’s stands for Win as of late.  The White Sox had an outstanding June and July only to collapse slowly into 2nd place by mid-August.  Countless experts saw this coming, while the fans sat in denial.  Asking my own self how this could happen, well the 5 W’s answer it all on the breakdown of the Chicago White Sox.

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Paul Konerko’s Future Should Already Be Decided

The potential of Paul Konerko going to another MLB team in 2005 was highly likely after winning the World Series with the White Sox. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Baltimore Orioles were both reported to propose Konerko additional money than the White Sox did at that time.

On November 30, 2005, Paul Konerko signed a five year $60 million deal with the White Sox.

Relief was evident in Chicago after this particular signing. Confusion stimulated though, on why Paulie did not take the more lucrative offers. Konerko wanted to reside in Chicago where his home and heart is, which is quite difficult to find players like this in the baseball world.

Now, the 2010 season is coming to an end. Konerko’s five year contract is about to run the end of its route, and it is still up in the air if Konerko will be re-signed by the White Sox or move on.

Konerko has confirmed before that he would love to come back to the White Sox after the 2010 season, but still nothing has been said on Kenny Williams’ end.

If Konerko decides to continue playing baseball, there is no explanation why Kenny Williams should let him go.

Paul Konerko has been a part of the White Sox team since 1999.

In his years as a member, Konerko has been a four time All-Star, MVP of the ALC, a World Series Champion and clearly the White Sox team Captain. Konerko has also proven himself to be a consistent threat in the White Sox lineup.

The guidance Konerko has contributed to the team has given the White Sox young stars more courage and strength to be superior players for the future. Konerko has been the Captain for over several years now and deserves more recognition as the leader of the White Sox.

Currently Paul Konerko has carried the team through his natural ability and leadership in the game of baseball. The White Sox would not have the team they have today, nor the existing record if not for Mr. Konerko. He is a remarkable attribute to the team.

Kenny Williams should be figuring out Konerko’s next contract if he already isn’t. If Kenny has any uncertain thoughts in his head, he better consider. Konerko is an extraordinary player, and a leader you should by no means want to release.

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Grinder Rule No. 2010: Stay Consistent White Sox!

As April and May flew by, the White Sox were sitting at nearly 10 games back and well under .500 in the American League Central Division.

Countless fans did not seem to notice the depressing White Sox team, with the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1992. 

But once June approached, the entire Southside of Chicago knew there was little time left to take pleasure in watching a successful team on their side of town.

The day the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup was the exact same time the White Sox began to show their true selves.

The Sox were finally playing to their full potential, and their record reveals it exceedingly well now in early August.  Winning 18 games in the months of June and July, they have shown that this White Sox team is not going down without a fight.

Experts and MLB fans predicted a battle for the AL Central once again, between the White Sox, Minnesota Twins, and Detroit Tigers.  As of now, the Twins and White Sox have proved us all right.  Since the All-Star break, the Sox have been grasping on to first place by the skin of their teeth.

Memories come back of 2005, but maybe it is too early to think this way.  Now experts and any MLB fan, outside of a Chicago White Sox fan, are saying the Sox will collapse by September.  As a White Sox fan myself, I go back in my head and think about 2005 and the Grinder Rule days. 

No. 1: Win or Die Trying was my particular favorite.

In order to keep this team in full contention for the rest of the regular season and come playoff time, consistency is extremely important for the White Sox. 

As anyone has observed watching the Sox this season, as soon as the rest of the squad started hitting, besides Paul Konerko and Alex Rios, they began to play as a team.

No. 61: There is no “I” in team. But there is one in quit.

The 2010 White Sox did not quit, but it sure did look like it early on this season.  With players like Gordon Beckham, Alexei Ramirez, and Juan Pierre increasing their games, this made the White Sox look more capable.  Not only did the bats take a step up, but even the pitching started to look superior.

Gavin Floyd started the season on the edge, but has finally picked himself up back to his true form. He was even named Pitcher of the Month for July.  John Danks has proved to be an unbelievable young LHP for the past two seasons, and Freddie Garcia has been healthier than ever since Mid-June. 

With the loss of Jake Peavy in July, the majority of fans were shaking their heads on what to do.  Last week, Kenny Williams had decided to trade for Edwin Jackson, a RHP pitcher from the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Last night, Jackson pitched an incredible game for the first time in a White Sox Uniform.  As a result, the Sox won their third out of four games in August.

The White Sox seem to have become more consistent as time goes on.  Hopefully this can continue on through well into October.  I believe it is time for the White Sox to have a Mr. November. Consistency will bring the 2010 White Sox team all the way to the end.

So here comes my new Grinder Rule:

Grinder Rule No. 2010: Stay Consistent! That is the key to achieve every past Grinder Rule.

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