Nyjer Morgan is back giving postgame interviews, and he is better than ever.

Larry Brown Sports’ Larry Brown spotted a YouTube video that features audio of Morgan’s postgame exchange with WTAM of the Cleveland Indians Radio Network.

Rather than spoil a good time, we give you the two-minute clip below, filled with a healthy dose of exuberance and “Woo!”

Classic T-Plush.

Morgan begins with, “You said it. You said it. Woo, woo!” The elated Indians player then discusses the moment he clubbed a rare home run on Sunday night, giving Cleveland the eventual deciding run in a 6-5 win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Morgan beams, “Hey, I’ve been working my trot since high school. They don’t come often, but when I get it, I’m [going to] let you know when I round second.”

Brown reminds that Morgan isn’t exactly a mainstay in Cleveland: “The outfielder also known as Tony Plush was recalled by the Cleveland Indians last week to fill in for Michael Bourn. He has been playing sporadically since being recalled, and he got in a full game on Sunday against the Rays.”

Given another opportunity, a player such as Morgan wasn’t going to worry about much more than just having a ball. He continues, “I know it’s our livelihood and everything, but you can’t lose track that it’s still a game.”

The 33-year-old, who went 3-for-4 in Sunday’s game, continued by saying he just wants to help the team in any way that he can, a statement that is right at home to so many athletes lending the usual array of postgame banter.

As we know, Morgan isn’t your ordinary athlete, as evidenced by this blast from the past wherein he explains his alter ego:

The outfielder is now batting .341 in just 41 at-bats this season. His status as an Indians player seems to rest on things such as Michael Bourn‘s form and his own consistency.

There is no question that Morgan continues to be one of the more electric players in MLB, yielding so much entertainment when he is involved on the field and such hilarity when he is questioned off it.

Home runs may be rare, but the bat flips and shouts of “Woo!” will be prolific as long as Morgan is bumping around MLB.

Tony Plush is going to do him, and we absolutely like it that way.


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