New York Times reporter, Richard Sandomir, is reporting that the New York Yankees will air their July 10th and 11th games against the Seattle Mariners in 3-D.  The YES Network has been able to make an agreement to test out the latest technology with DirecTV.

Sadly not everyone will be able to watch the game in 3-D due to the fact that not everyone has that specific cable service provider. The Yankees vs. Mariners game will be the first regular season game aired in three dimensions.

Recently, the Masters were aired in 3-D and so was a Rangers hockey game. It was all done with DirecTV. The first baseball events to be aired will be the Pre-Homerun Derby on ESPN and the All-Star Game this year.

The following is an excerpt of what the New York Times quoted Yankees VP of Operations Ed Delaney saying,

Ed Delaney, YES’s vice president of operations, agreed that 3-D had worked best so far when the cameras were lowest and closest to the action. But, he said, he was pleased that the Anaheim rehearsal showed that the distant center-field camera “showed the depth of the guy on second, the pitcher and the batter.” He said the traditional high home-plate camera would have to shoot through netting, which he did not think would be a serious distraction.

“I think you’ll see the net as if you were sitting in the seat and you’ll get that depth of field,” he said.

Ed Delaney is also right noting that Safeco Field provides an excellent setting for the 3-D demonstration. I firmly agree that Safeco Field is one of the finest ballparks built.

It should be a good one on July 10th and 11th. Who would have ever thought that we would be able to watch the New York Yankees play in 3-D in our living rooms? In Back to the Future II, Marty McFly makes a journey to 2015, where a holograph tells him that the Cubs will win the World Series over Miami. It is scary how we can go from 3-D TV to possibly a holographic ad. That movie was revolutionary and looks to be on the path to making a very bold prediction on technology and baseball.  


Look Closely as it says Cubs Win the Series in 5! Good Luck on that!

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