One of New York’s biggest Mets fans will be working with the team he adores in the broadcast booth for the Mets vs. Yankees game. Jerry Seinfeld will be the guest of honor for three innings, replacing Ron Darling for a bit. This was first reported by the New York Post’s Michael Starr .

According to Starr, this is all a Fathers’ Day gift to Jerry from his family. The television sensation will definitely be pleased to be a part of a Mets broadcast for the first time.

It is also cool because he will not be working with total strangers. Not that he wouldn’t know who Gary Cohen is, because as a Mets fan, he has to to have some idea of who he is listening to on the air, and he works with television.

But Jerry Seinfeld will also be reunited with one of his former co-stars. 

When Seinfeld was still on the air, Keith Hernandez guest starred in an episode. In the episode he asked for assistance from Jerry, while being ridiculed and criticized by people like Kramer and Newman. Hernandez’s acting was mediocre. You can be the judge of that.

Here is the original story of the episode as told by Kramer and Newman with Seinfeld coming to Hernandez’s defense.

Here is Keith Hernandez acting at his finest .

It will definitely be entertaining to see Seinfeld and Hernandez at it again. Hernandez is funny alone. Imagine what he is like with Seinfeld, a comedian, as they reminisce about their 1992 episode. Definitely worth tuning into the game. 

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