As a typical fan, you always wonder what if? What if my favorite team made the postseason? What if my favorite team made a move to sign this hot name off the market? What if the team I hated had it’s franchise player suffer an injury like a torn rotator cuff?

Well it goes to show you we live in a world of what ifs and we always seems to wonder, what if.

Quoting the narrator for the 30 for 30 commercials, what if I told you what it took to obtain a player such as Albert Pujols or Hanley Ramirez? It would be a team’s dream to have one of those players and in light of the recent Pujols contract deadline, we examine his worth and other stars’ worth and what it would take to acquire his talents. 

Now in this instance, we examine baseball’s biggest names who might just find themselves out of town if their teams can’t win or sign a long-term deal to stay and what trade package it might take to land them. Some scenarios are likely, some are just thought but so that we just to stick to the real world, we will only look at those with the slightest chance of being traded in the near future.  

Let’s find out what price teams would have to pay if they were to trade for the superstar they desire.

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