Recently, Major League Baseball has been buzzing about the future of several managers. From Tony LaRussa to Joe Girardi, these men are starting to make more headlines than this year’s looming free agent class. 

There could now even be a “Joe Torre Watch” as he is one of the most prized managers in the game and could be relocating this offseason. He has a few destinations to choose from.

The Chicago Cubs may want him as their successor to Lou Piniella, who is retiring after many years in the big leagues. The favorites to replace Piniella are currently Ryne Sandberg and Joe Girardi, if he chooses to pass on returning to the Yankees for the Cubs. Girardi and Torre have both won World Series Championships, but to do it with the Cubs would be historic.

The New York Mets have just joined the hunt for Torre, as many close friends and baseball executives could see a return to the Big Apple for the former Yankees and Mets skipper. 

But Los Angeles and retirement are big factors in his decision. Torre could either pass on all offers and ride off into the sunset or comeback and make one more attempt at winning it all in Dodger blue. 

Those who have started to believe that Torre will retire have started to point towards possible successors. 

Near the top of everyone’s list is Don Mattingly. Mattingly followed Torre from New York after not getting the managerial job there. It seems as if it is set in stone that once Torre is finished, the former Yankees captain would take over. 

But here comes a surprise from Bob Nightingale of USA Today. He believes that the Mattingly promise may never actually happen as a new contender for the possible managerial role has popped up with Tim Wallach. 

Wallach has been the Dodgers’ Triple-A manager since January 2009. Before that he served as the hitting coach for the Dodgers, until he was replaced by Eddie Murray. He has since won 80 games with the Isotopes and was named Manager of the Year. 

Wallach does seem to be quite suitable for the job. Mattingly and Wallach seem to have similar resumes. 

It all comes down to how big can they come up on the big stage and how successful can they make a team with a peculiar situation in the front office.

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