MLB Rumors: The Boston Red Sox have stolen all the headlines early on in the MLB offseason.

They pried Adrian Gonzalez away from the San Diego Padres and signed Carl Crawford to one of the richest contracts in baseball history.

But now all the attention is on Cliff Lee.

The most coveted prize of this year’s free agent market has been linked to only a few teams, most notably the Texas Rangers—who he helped get to the World Series last season—and the New York Yankees.

When it’s all said and done, Lee will probably return to Texas or be wearing pinstripes next season.

But what will it be?

Well, I’m here to keep you updated on the latest news concerning the left-handed ace who will soon crush a team’s dreams or make them come true.

I’ll also talk about some of the latest news coming out of baseball’s winter meetings.

There’s no need to refresh this page. It’ll update every few minutes.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the latest MLB rumors.

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