If you do happen by Marlins Park this weekend, be careful as to not get the desperation all over you. 

Yahoo! Sports’ Mike Oz reports on the latest Marlins ticket-selling gimmick and it’s a doozy. It seems the powers that be are letting any fan procure tickets at the same prices of pitcher Gio Gonzalez‘s family and friends. 

You can take a gander at the deal at their official website or enjoy the screen capture the team features below. 

When you have the worst record in the National League, you find yourself hurting for new and inventive ways to get butts into the seats. 

The Marlins have ignored the fact Gonzalez doesn’t even pitch for the Marlins for this brilliant ploy. I would say this is truly the nadir of the season for Miami, but we are confident they have something else up their sleeves for the true dog days. 

I guess that’s only slightly less ridiculous than throwing a Juan Pierre night. Still, you have to think Placido Polanco warranted at least his own dedicated inning with his stellar .245 batting average. 

As Oz reminds, the Marlins’ losses and lack of star appeal have been met with horrendous ticket sales: “the team has the worst average attendance (17,162) in baseball and the lowest total attendance (738,000).”

As the report states, Gonzalez is from the Miami area, so the discounted tickets aren’t completely without merit—although they are officially absurd. 

The team is now 32-56, 18.5 games back of the division-leading Atlanta Braves. With a run differential of -94, it’s hard for fans to buy tickets expecting the home team to deliver on the promise of entertainment. 

Still, it has to sting knowing the team passed on all the other hard-working Marlins for a Nationals pitcher who is having a mediocre season compared to the gem he delivered last year. 

While just one silly promotion from a bottom-feeding team, it’s only a stone’s throw away from the team selling opposing star’s jerseys in the pro shop. 

Marlins Park: home to some of the most amazing visiting talent in the majors. 


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