Omar Minaya made a pretty good move by finding this random baseball player with an odd name and a knuckleball. The pitcher’s name is R.A. Dickey and he has started off the season 6-0 with the Mets. He has been around the block for a while, but this season many feel like this guy came from nowhere. 

Nobody knows his true identity. 

Last year, he went 1-1 with the Twins in 35 games. This season’s wins are equivalent to the amount has with Seattle and Minnesota the last two years. But Baseball Reference and all other websites have all of his stats wrong.

Omar Minaya may have spilled the beans a bit when he recently revealed R.A. Dickey’s real name on Twitter. His unconfirmed Twitter account tweeted “Little known fact: The “R.A.” in R.A. Dickey stands for Rick Aguilera.

The shocker comes to a surprise to many. Status Crow , a blog by a die-hard R.A. Dickey Fan also noted the report. In reality, people believed that they had seen the last of Rick Aguilera, but here he is still pitching after finding the Fountain of Youth apparently.

Rick Aguilera is no stranger in Minnesota and that is why signs point that R.A. Dickey is in fact the ’86 Met. Aguilera pitched for Minnesota from 1990 to 1998. Then he returned in 2009. 

R.A. Dickey has been stellar for a 49 year-old. He could even find some votes to put him on the All-Star team. That would be amazing!  An even more interesting stat brought up by Omar Minaya’s Twitter was that last night, R.A. Dickey improved the team’s record to 19-9 in games he has not started. Talk about an All-Star performance!

R.A. Dickey has refused to comment on his identity being revealed. This could also be why Rick Aguilera has not been seen in a while. Dickey could be chosen to start on a future night where the ’86 Mets are honored. It would only be appropriate. 

Could there be another name change coming up? Who knows? Well at least we have set our sights on you, R.A.

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