Daniel Murphy might have a fairly decent AND1 mixtape with the sick moves he flashed getting Bryce Harper out at first.

Next Impulse Sports’ Pete Blackburn spotted the play of the year. OK, to be fair, it was the play of spring training, but we think you will agree it’s still something quite wonderful.

In the sixth inning of an eventual 3-1 win by the Mets over the Nationals, Washington’s Harper tried to get some slap-bunting work in with one out and nobody on.

The ball finds second baseman Murphy sprinting in to cover. This being spring, Murphy decided to err on the side of flash over substance, so he tossed the baseball through his legs to get Harper at first.

Anyone in the stands with a towel is advised to wave that over their head and scream, “Ohhh!”

The announcers were impressed when they noticed that what looked like a short-arm toss from the 28-year-old was actually a mustard-off-the-hot-dog pass to Lucas Duda: “Only the Murph, watch this. That’s that Curly Neal for the Globetrotters.”

The monotony of playing split-squad games and exhibitions that don’t matter might be wearing on guys, so it’s nice that some have found ways to infuse creativity into the game.

However, we have to think manager Terry Collins greeted Murphy in the dugout with his best Lou Brown impression, telling him, “Nice throw, but don’t ever [expletive] do it again.”

We have reached the circus-trick portion of the preseason, which means the real games couldn’t get here soon enough.

We don’t think Murphy will ever bring this bad boy out of his bag of tricks again, but it’s nice to know it’s there if he needs it.


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