Manny Ramirez is officially a member of the Chicago White Sox, Peter Gammons of MLB Network Tweeted.

Manny is headed to Chi-Town after being with the Dodgers for two years. He is still considered the dangerous power hitter with dreads.

Manny was sent to the White Sox for zero compensation, handing Ramirez and his $3.3 million left on his contract over to Chicago. The White Sox made a similar move last year by acquiring Alex Rios from the Blue Jays who has been nothing but explosive for Chicago this year.

Ramirez has already played in the AL when he was with the Indians and Red Sox. It is proven that Ramirez has also had more success in the AL. The White Sox are expected to use Manny in their ailing DH spot for the remainder of the season. No more Mannywood for LA.

The 38-year-old outfielder and 12-time All-Star is heading over to a contender in the Chicago White Sox, and the NL West is probably happy that they will not have to face this slugger again.

Kenny Williams made a smart move on his part to acquire the veteran slugger, but is it enough to push the Sox deep into the playoffs? It will be interesting to see what Manny does given the opportunity, and see if he can still put up numbers that he has in the past.


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