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Arizona Diamondbacks Set a New Record, Hire a New GM

The Arizona Diamondbacks have set a new record in a category to be embarrassed about, meanwhile introducing a new general manager.

The 2001 Milwaukee Brewers had set a record to forget about. They set the season strikeout record the year the Arizona Diamondbacks won the World Series.

Now, the Arizona Diamondbacks have broken the 1,399 strikeouts carried for several years with a standing season total of 1,403.

Adam LaRoche was the record-passing strikeout, making it number 1,400.

The Diamondbacks’ leaders in strikeouts are Mark Reynolds (202), LaRoche (157), Justin Upton (152), Chris Young (134), and Kelly Johnson (133).


D-Backs hire new GM

The looming Arizona Diamondbacks fired their manager, A.J. Hinch, and general manager, Josh Byrnes, midseason when they were playing ball below their projected season outcome. Arizona looked to Kirk Gibson and Jerry DiPoto as their interim manager and GM.

Now, the Arizona Diamondbacks have introduced a new GM in Kevin Towers.

Towers led the Padres into this season before being fired in favor of Jed Hoyer. Towers had constructed the in-and-out first place team.

Towers looks to bring the organization back to life, building their structure around young star Justin Upton, power-hitting Mark Reynolds, and young pitcher Daniel Hudson.

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Alex Rodriguez Leaves Famed Baseball Agent Scott Boras

Alex Rodriguez has left the man who negotiated his 10-year, $275 million contract.

Rodriguez is not expected to replace Scott Boras with Pittsburgh attorney Jay Reisinger and Washington lawyer Jim Sharp, who helped him with his legal affairs.

Reisinger was the one who negotiated Rodriguez’s ordeal with Congress for performance-enhancing drugs. Reisinger also represented Sammy Sosa and Andy Pettitte in their trials.

Rodriguez was seen with Guy Oseary, a Hollywood agent, who has been seen with Rodriguez over the past week. When sources called the offices of Oseary, they were only willing to call him a “manager”, not an agent. Oseary was referred to A-Rod by Madonna.

Boras had been with A-Rod since the start of his career as a high-school student out of Miami. Boras has been responsible for the more than $500 million in contract deals. Rodriguez signed with the Texas Rangers with a $252 million dollar, 10 year contract. A-Rod has signed with the Rangers and Yankees for a total of 20-years.

It is not expected that Alex Rodriguez will need an agent while his 10-year deal comes to a close when Rodriguez is 42 (currently the age of 35).

Rodriguez is continuing a great season of work, compiling a .265 average, with 21 homers and 97 RBI. A-Rod also produced his 600th home run of his career, reaching a baseball milestone. Alex Rodriguez is currently on the disabled list with a calf strain. He is expected to come back on Sunday.

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Jeff Francouer Heads To the Playoff-Bound Texas Rangers

Jeff Francouer has been traded to the Texas Rangers in exchange for second baseman Joaquin Arias.

This trade was made just in time for Francouer to make it onto the Rangers’ September expansion roster.

“This is going to be obviously a good opportunity for me to go play obviously against some lefties and go to the playoffs.”

Francouer had been expecting a trade from the Mets as he wasn’t being used in the outfield for most of the season. He is notorious for hitting against lefties, which is just what Texas needs.

Francouer’s $5 million left on his salary will be paid by the Mets, while Arias’ will be covered by Texas.

Francouer, 26 years-old, was struggling for the Mets. In 123 games with New York, Francouer batted .236 with 11 HR and 53 RBI.

Arias, who was filled with potential, was part of the Alex Rodriguez trade to New York. He never really took off in Texas.

This move is believed to be helpful in a Texas playoff push, and as for the Mets, we will see how this deal plays out.

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The MLB’s Five Biggest Call-Ups of 2010

Call-ups can make or break your team, and that’s why they are so important.

Injuries in the MLB are not a given, so any player at any time could be called up to replace a roster spot.

Here is a look at the five biggest call-ups of the 2010 baseball season.

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Manny Ramirez Headed for Chi-Town

Manny Ramirez is officially a member of the Chicago White Sox, Peter Gammons of MLB Network Tweeted.

Manny is headed to Chi-Town after being with the Dodgers for two years. He is still considered the dangerous power hitter with dreads.

Manny was sent to the White Sox for zero compensation, handing Ramirez and his $3.3 million left on his contract over to Chicago. The White Sox made a similar move last year by acquiring Alex Rios from the Blue Jays who has been nothing but explosive for Chicago this year.

Ramirez has already played in the AL when he was with the Indians and Red Sox. It is proven that Ramirez has also had more success in the AL. The White Sox are expected to use Manny in their ailing DH spot for the remainder of the season. No more Mannywood for LA.

The 38-year-old outfielder and 12-time All-Star is heading over to a contender in the Chicago White Sox, and the NL West is probably happy that they will not have to face this slugger again.

Kenny Williams made a smart move on his part to acquire the veteran slugger, but is it enough to push the Sox deep into the playoffs? It will be interesting to see what Manny does given the opportunity, and see if he can still put up numbers that he has in the past.


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Brandon Webb Close to a Return

Brandon Webb and the Diamondbacks finally have something to look forward to.

Webb is expected to make a September return and pitch for the bullpen.

Brandon Webb hasn’t pitched since April of 2009. Since then, he has been making a push to return from shoulder surgery performed in October of last year.

On Saturday, the 2006 NL Cy Young award winner was ecstatic after throwing a simulated game that “went so well.”

“I’m on cloud nine right now. It feels great. It doesn’t take much to get you back on the positive side and look forward and see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Webb’s simulation was 52 pitches, and afterwards left him visibly excited. D-backs pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre explained his pitches as “filthy.”

“Today, for me, was a huge breakthrough and a movement forward. Realistically, looking at what we have left in the season, the probability of him pitching now is high,” Stottlemyre said.

Webb was clocked in at 80 MPH, which is nothing great compared to when he is 100 percent. The D-backs are waiting until Webb can reach the mid-80s. It is not known how soon Webb will reach that velocity, but timing is a major factor in his return.

“If he can add a couple miles per hour more on his next statement and…if he can go get one more gear and sustain that and then fine-tune and harness his other stuff, then you could say…two or three of these more and he has a chance of getting out there,” Stottlemyre said.

Look for Webb to make a September return, barring any setbacks. We will see if Webb can return to his elite pitching status, being the former Cy Young award winner in 2006.

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MLB Faces of their Franchises

Baseball is a game of stars, and when it comes to the best, some teams are represented by their athletes.

The fans of the MLB love their players, and the best of the best are the faces of their teams. From the Yankees to the Angels, all MLB teams have a player that represents them best.

Here is a look at the faces of each franchise, or in some cases, multiple faces.

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Looking Back on the Stars of the 2005 MLB Draft

The 2005 MLB Draft has brought in some of the youngest and greatest hitters of todays game. Not only hitters, but pitchers too.

The 2005 Draft has created a pool of young, power hitting, power pitching athletes that are some of the best in todays game.

Here is a look at some of these athletes that clubs took a chance on, and came into the bigs surprising everyone.

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Five MLB Teams Looking For a New Manager

Next year, MLB will have several managerial openings. Some openings are coming from retirement, while others are clubs looking to replace a manager in need of wins. 

Here are a few different teams that are in dire need of a new manager. Some managers want out, and others are being eased out.

The managerial job in the MLB is a game of cat-and-mouse, and you need to be successful to stay in the game.

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Freak Show: What’s Up With Tim Lincecum?

As of late, Tim Lincecum has not been at the top of his game.

Around this time last year, Tim Lincecum was an NL Cy Young candidate in which he later won. But right now, Lincecum is not pitching like he used to… so what’s wrong?

The two time defending Cy Young award winner is certainly not where he was last year, but why? Lincecum has the stuff and we know what he can do with it, he’s just not showing us at the moment.

First of all, his velocity is down. When he’s not throwing hard enough, he tries to throw harder and when he does that his delivery and balance are thrown off. Lincecum may also have too much on his mind. He knows he’s not pitching like he is expected to, and that is probably getting to him. If Lincecum would just let it fly this slump could get turned around.

Comparing Lincecum To His Rotation

This year, Lincecum is 11-8 with a 3.72 ERA. Lincecum has K’d 173 and walked 64 which equates to a good WHIP of 1.35. That is not horrible considering he has a relatively low ERA and a winning record. But the thing is, he hasn’t been living up to his hype and status that his preseason No. 1 pitcher ranking created. Last year, Lincecum went 15-7 with a 2.48 ERA and 261 K.

Matt Cain, even though 1 less win and 2 more losses, has seemed to pitch better than Lincecum. With a 3.07 ERA and 137 K’s, you don’t consider that too horrible for a No. 2 starter.

Jonathan Sanchez has posted a 9-8 record and an ERA of 3.67. Sanchez is still himself comparing last years stats, as he sits at 157 K’s.

Madison Bumgarner, although being called up not too far back, has posted some nice numbers. Madison is 5-4, a 3.95 ERA, and 52 K’s in only 73 innings pitched.

Barry Zito hasn’t pitched as well as he did to start the season, currently holding a 8-9 record with a 3.78 ERA and 121 K.

It may seem that Lincecum has pitched better than the pitchers in the Giants rotation, but he is just not doing what he’s done over his last 2 years in the bigs.

If Lincecum tries not to throw as hard, just lets it go, and tries not to think too much, he should return to his superstar status and bring back his nasty stuff.

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