The Houston Astros dance roughly as well as they play baseball. 

Looming at 99 losses on the season, you can probably guess how these guys did on the dance floor. Of course, we are just giving MLB‘s answer to the Bad News Bears a hard time. 

As CSN Houston reports, five players competed in what was called Dancing with the ‘Stros, a charity event to help raise money for the Astros Foundation

While some of the players had some issues with moving rhythmically, they all seemed to have had a blast. You can see why this team is especially easy to root for in 2013. 

Now, the report states Dallas Keuchel beat out Jake Elmore, and that Jose Altuve fell to a controversial third place. Jarred Cosart and Trevor Crowe completed the five players who had what seems to be one epic dance off. 

We also like to point out that Altuve is always an optimist: “I have to be in the top five, easily.” The other important thing to note is the players had all of one hour to practice before getting up in front of people as they laughed and judged their dancing. 

You can see how smart that idea was as we watch Crowe attempt to slide under one of the dancers. His Willie May Hayes impression is easily the best part of the video. 

Hey, at least it wasn’t a slide into third during a crucial game. Still, he may want to work on that move a little more. 

Wacky shirts and bad dancing were enough to get the crowd smiling, but Elmore chimed in with what the night was really about: “Doing it for charity, that’s the number one thing, and getting people here and entertaining them. We had a good time.”

It would be easy to hang heads and mope in what is a very trying season. Sure, we give these guys a hard time, but it’s only because we care—and the dancing is that bad. 

Wins and losses are meaningless, because these guys are a fun team to watch as long as there is a dance floor involved. 


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