The MLB trade deadline came and went with a flurry of deals. Such excitement was bound to have some hilarious fallout. 

The biggest mistake wasn’t from a team overpaying for a pitcher, or a down-in-the-dumps team selling off top talent—it was from a news agency being duped by a fake Twitter account. 

Deadspin caught a humorous gaffe by which included two tweets from @Brox4AllStarz, a fake account for former Royals pitcher Jonathan Broxton, in its article about the trade. 

The big man who blows away hitters from the mound was just traded from the Royals to the Cincinnati Reds, and this ABC affiliate was no doubt eager to get word from the man being sent out of town. 

Here is a screen capture of the initial report, which has since been amended. 

Look to the bottom and you can spot the hilarious rants of a faux Twitter account. It’s less of a real pitcher’s thoughts and more of what a mindless meathead would state after being traded. 

Here is the first tweet used:

And the glorious second:

While Broxton had some issues with pitch selection back when he was the Dodgers’ closer, we will give him a tad more credit for being more articulate than this. 

Still, you may want to hide your barbecue from the real guy too. 


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