One great toss from the outfield stands and the Dodgers may have themselves the right-handed pitcher they need at the moment. At least, that is how the movie Rookie of the Year started.

Here is your weekly dose of things are absolutely beautiful around the majors moment, brought to you by It’s Always Sunny in Detroit who spotted the video (h/t Hot Clicks). 

There isn’t a great deal of information surrounding the video other than that is Hyun-Jin Ryu playing catch with a young fan who we assume goes by the moniker “Deuce.” With an arm like that, he can no doubt turn the double play like an All-Star. 

My initial gut reaction to the video was one of intense jealousy. While I wouldn’t change anything about my childhood, it would have been nice to head out to the ballpark and toss the ball around with a star pitcher like it was no big whoop. 

Of course, such actions may have their downsides, at least for Ryu. 

Deuce is out for your job, Ryu

This is just the latest show of goodwill Dodgers players have extended to their fans. The more famous and emotional moment came last week when star slugger Matt Kemp went to the stands to give a ball to a Dodger fan at AT&T Park. 

Kemp ended up giving the fan—Joshua Jones, a young man with terminal cancer—the ball, his jersey and the cleats off his feet. 

The Dodgers are mired in a lackluster season when little seems to be going right on the field. They have a 15-22 record and sit on the bottom of the NL West. 

Not that anyone is complaining, even their fans who are satisfied with men willing to give back to their supporters with the slightest of gestures. 

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