Dave Trembley compiled a 64-98 record in 2009. He had a 68-93 record in 2008. 

This season, Trembley is leading the Orioles to a crisis with a 14-31 record.

How long can the Baltimore Orioles stick with this guy, who is maybe the worst manager in baseball at this time?

Trey Hillman tested the Royals’ patience until he was fired. Ned Yost replaced Hillman and has done a decent job so far. 

With the performance he has put up, Trembley is basically begging the O’s to fire him. Well, he should be given the door.

Not only is this guy making the players desperate for a win every single game, he is making the O’s tortured, with losing their fan base, too.

How long can he stay in Baltimore?

He was not successful as a bullpen coach, and he was hired as the manager of a Major League team.

Success in the Minor Leagues does not transform into success in the big leagues.

Trembley was a great minor league manager. People might have thought he was great at working with young players, but we were wrong. The Orioles have a young team, but Trembley does not seem to be improving anything on the team.

Maybe Trembley should just stay at the minor league level.

Unless he turns things around, there is not much time until he gets fired.

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