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Dave Trembley Let Go: Turnaround Unlikely

When the Baltimore Orioles fired beleaguered manager Dave Trembley on Friday they hoped to have Juan Samuel turn this underachieving team around.

Simple, isn’t it?

Hardly. Firing a manager in the middle of the season isn’t necessarily the answer to the team’s problems.

In fact, since 2001, only two teams made the postseason after changing skippers during the season.

Last year, the Colorado Rockies fired Clint Hurdle after an 18-28 start and replaced him with then-bench coach Jim Tracy. The Rockies ended up making the postseason by going 74-42 the rest of the season before losing to the Philadelphia Phillies in the NL Division Series in four games. Still, Tracy became the NL Manager of the Year that very same season.

Back in 2003, the Florida Marlins coaxed Jack McKeon out of retirement by having him take over for Jeff Torborg. This uncanny personality resulted in a World Series title, when his team defeated the New York Yankees in six games.

With the likes of Jerry Manuel (New York Mets), John Russell (Pittsburgh Pirates), Ken Macha (Milwaukee Brewers), Lou Piniella (Chicago Cubs), and other select managers walking on pins and needles, maybe their teams could try to recreate the fortunes of those two ballclubs.

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Baltimore Oriole’s Manager Dave Trembley May Be Done for Good

It looks like the ax is going to fall pretty soon on a second manager.

A source has informed ESPN.com’s Buster Olney that the Baltimore Orioles will relieve manager Dave Trembley of his duties any day now. The source also informed Olney that third base coach Juan Samuel will take over when Trembley is let go.

Trembley took over for Sam Perlozzo in the middle of the 2007 season and is 187 and 282 in his four years as Orioles manager. That is a winning percentage of .399.

If you look at Trembley’s tenure in Baltimore, the Orioles have gotten worse every year under his stewardship. Here are Trembley’s winning percentage’s year by year:

2007: .430

2008: .422

2009: .395

2010: .283

In all fairness to Trembley, the Orioles haven’t had the best talent roster while he has been there, but 2010 was supposed to be the year where the Orioles turned the corner. Unfortunately for Trembley, the Orioles have gone severely backwards this year, and it will cost him his job.

Adam Jones has a .271 OBP, Matt Wieters is hitting .240, and Nolan Reimold was sent to the minors. These are the players the Orioles were planning on building around, and all have taken a step back this year. That is on Trembley.

The Orioles have an off day on the seventh. That is when I think president of baseball operations, Andy MacPhail, will let Trembley go.

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Dave Trembley To Be Fired by Baltimore Orioles

By the time many of you read this, Baltimore Orioles manager Dave Trembley may already be one of the many Americans without a job.

The Orioles are hands down, the worst team in baseball, and are well on their way to a 100-loss season.

Is that all Trembley’s fault?

Not really. 

First off, the Orioles have the unfortunate luck to play in the same division as the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Tampa Bay Rays.

The first two teams, especially the Yankees, have no problem overpaying players in order to compete. The Rays, on the other hand, were so bad for so long that they gathered several high draft picks who, for the most part, have panned out and are all signed long-term.

The Orioles, on the other hand, have been bad, but not bad enough to get a really high draft pick, but nowhere good enough to have anyone care.

Just look at beautiful Camden Yards on any given night. It isn’t hard for someone from home to take a head count of fans. I’m willing to bet on some nights there are more players in both dugouts than there are fans in the stands.

That is, of course, unless the Yanks or Sox are in town. Then the place will be sold out. Unfortunately for the home team, it isn’t their fans packing into Camden.

My second reason you can’t blame Dave Trembley for the awful state of the Orioles is that his players just aren’t that good. 

Sure, Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis are good enough players, but they’re average when you compare them to players of the same positions on their division rivals.

The O’s pitching (starting, relievers, and closer) is terrible.

There is only so much Trembley could have done with the talent he was given. Maybe the team underperformed under him, but even with a guy like Joe Torre, I doubt the O’s would be out of the cellar of the American League East.

That brings me to my third and final reason you can’t blame Dave Trembley for the woes of the franchise.

He may have worked for American professional sports’ worst owner. Not baseball, mind you, but all of sports in this country. That’s saying a lot considering just south of Baltimore is Washington, D.C., where Dan Snyder runs the Washington Redskins.

However, the difference between Snyder and Peter Angelos is that at least Snyder tries to make his team better. I have never seen any evidence of Angelos doing anything in the offseason to make me think that he is even thinking about competing with the Sox or Yanks.

Angelos can fire all the managers he wants from here to eternity, but until he realizes that he’s the problem, the O’s won’t come anywhere close to competing for a playoff spot.

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Dave Trembley on the Hot Seat: How Long Can He Stay?

Dave Trembley compiled a 64-98 record in 2009. He had a 68-93 record in 2008. 

This season, Trembley is leading the Orioles to a crisis with a 14-31 record.

How long can the Baltimore Orioles stick with this guy, who is maybe the worst manager in baseball at this time?

Trey Hillman tested the Royals’ patience until he was fired. Ned Yost replaced Hillman and has done a decent job so far. 

With the performance he has put up, Trembley is basically begging the O’s to fire him. Well, he should be given the door.

Not only is this guy making the players desperate for a win every single game, he is making the O’s tortured, with losing their fan base, too.

How long can he stay in Baltimore?

He was not successful as a bullpen coach, and he was hired as the manager of a Major League team.

Success in the Minor Leagues does not transform into success in the big leagues.

Trembley was a great minor league manager. People might have thought he was great at working with young players, but we were wrong. The Orioles have a young team, but Trembley does not seem to be improving anything on the team.

Maybe Trembley should just stay at the minor league level.

Unless he turns things around, there is not much time until he gets fired.

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