Washington Nationals fans were able to see their phenom Stephen Strasburg blow his arm out very early this year. Cincinnati Reds fans have been patient, and their phenom from Cuba may join the Major League baseball club on either Monday or Tuesday, according to a source close to Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan. 

This goes against the popular belief that Chapman would bring his 105 mph fastball to the Reds on or after September 1st. But joining the team before September 1st would make him playoff eligible. 

Walt Jocketty was looking to have Chapman test the waters in the majors as a reliever for the team in 2010. From there, they can take a look and see how he would do as a starter next year. Something like the Joba Rules of New York has not been announced for Chapman. 

The Reds should be wise to not have him blow his arm out like a certain someone from Washington. Stephen Strasburg is expected to miss all of next year and possibly some of 2011 due to Tommy John surgery. Reds fans certainly will not want that!

Chapman is signed with the team for six years as of last winter. The plan is to have the Cuban phenom eventually become the ace of the team. That would be a great one-two combination with Edinson Volquez and Aroldis Chapman at the front of the rotation.

It will be interesting to see how this experiment goes to have Aroldis Chapman go through a Joba Chamberlain-like transition from starter to brief reliever to starter again.  

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