The New York Mets have just received news that their star closer, Francisco Rodriguez, has been charged with assault. The incident occurred after last night’s ballgame at Citi Field between K-Rod and his father-in-law.

Reports say that the Mets closer refused to speak with the media and got into a scuffle with his father-in-law about family issues. When asked what was wrong by the media, Francisco Rodriguez responded with an obscenity to mind their own business. 

Francisco Rodriguez’s violent lash out led to injuries to his father-in-law.

Jonathan Niese’s girlfriend and Jose Reyes’ kids were present in the room when the madness erupted.

This is definitely something that people shouldn’t witness at the ballpark.  

Kevin Burkhart and Chris Carlin of SNY have been directly following the story as both men were in the locker room at the time of the incident. 

ESPN later reported that K-Rod was being charged with third degree assault. Major League Baseball’s Mets decided to suspend their closer for two games without pay. 

There is one man on the face of the planet that definitely saw this coming. That was relief pitcher Brian Bruney, formerly of the New York Yankees. 

If you can recall, Bruney and Francisco Rodriguez got into an altercation a few years prior in the Mets/Yankees Subway Series. Bruney criticized Rodriguez’s obnoxious celebrations and praised Luis Castillo’s dropped ball play that happened when K-Rod was on the mound. 

Rodriguez seems to like to tell people to shut up.

As he did recently with the media, he did the same with Bruney. He told the Daily News that Bruney should “keep his mouth shut and do his job, not worry about somebody else,” during the brief one-on-one showdown. 

This isn’t the first time that K-Rod has been in a confrontation as he faced off with his bullpen coach earlier this year and with former New York Mets executive Tony Bernazard.

Surely, everyone can come to the conclusion that K-Rod is a hot-headed baseball player. 

It will be interesting to see how much more discipline the New York Mets or Manager Jerry Manuel hand to Rodriguez. 

Somewhere in the world, Brian Bruney is smiling saying “I told you so!”

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