The headline and the story is not satire, but sadly a true story coming out of the Dominican Republic.

According to the Associated Press, the ex-wife of Ambiorix Burgos is claiming that her crazed former husband forced her to eat rat poison. The accusation has led to kidnapping and attempted murder charges on the former Major Leaguer.

Ambiorix Burgos is not a stranger to trouble as in 2008, he was charged with hit-and-run charges in Dominican Republic. The charges were dropped, but he still could not avoid jail time.

A New York City judge ordered him to nine months in prison for assaulting his girlfriend in a hotel near the late Shea Stadium.

Another interesting thing to note about how crazy the pitcher has become is the fact that he was giving death threats to his girlfriend before trying to kill her.

Due to these latest accusations, a judge in the Dominican Republic has ordered that Burgos remain in jail for three months until a case is ready to be presented in court.

Burgos was a New York Met in 2007. That year was also his last stint in the Major Leagues. The two years before that he pitched for the Kansas City Royals. In his career, he has 20 saves and an 8-10 record.

Since the New York Mets released him December of 2008, no Major League team has even been rumored to have had interest in the pitcher. Good to say, he will most likely never pitch in the Major Leagues again after these latest accusations.  

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