Well, isn’t it amazing what one week will do?

Since our last rankings, the Rangers have lost three games and their top slugger. The Indians went on a win streak, and Troy Tulowitzki is working on the early-season MVP award.

Here is the second version of the awesome rankings:


1. Colorado Rockies (10-2)

Last week’s No. 4 awesome team has been on a tear of late. Troy Tulowitzki is batting .364 with seven homers and 14 RBI, making an early case for MVP. Yeah, I know it’s early. Oh, and just wait until Carlos Gonzalez gets going.


2. Philadelphia Phillies (9-3)

This pitching staff is doing what everyone thought they would do—pitch well. Two complete games in a row help out the relief crew, and the bats keep hitting. Chase Utley will be back this year, which makes this team even more scary.


3. Texas Rangers (9-3)

Our first No. 1 of the season has had a bad week. The Rangers lost two of three games against Detroit and lost last year’s MVP, Josh Hamilton. As long as the fill-ins (Murphy/Davis/Borbon) do something, this team should be OK.


4. New York Yankees (7-4)

Huge series with Texas coming up. We will learn a lot about this team after this weekend. Phil Hughes is on the DL; let’s see how the Yankees react.


5. Cincinnati Reds (8-4)

Yeah, Joey Votto is batting .444—not a misprint. This offense is scary. If the pitching can keep things going, this team could possibly run away with the Central.


6. Cleveland Indians (8-4)

Won eight games in a row before losing the last two, but this team has been fun to watch. I should have drafted Asdrubal Cabrera as my starting fantasy team shortstop. In a crowded AL Central, will be interesting to see what happens to this team.


7. Kansas City Royals (8-4)

Tied for first in the AL Central! Whoa. Last week, I laughed at the thought that the Royals could be in these rankings for too much longer—looks like the joke’s on me. Jeff Francoeur—yes, I just said that—is having a great early season without trying to go yard every swing.


8. Chicago White Sox (7-5)

Did I mention the AL Central was crowded? This race is long from over, but I expect the White Sox to be right in the middle of it.


9. Milwaukee Brewers (7-5)

Oh, the Brew Crew still have Braun and Fielder. Those guys can rake, and hopefully when Greinke comes back, he can win some games for them. NL Central is another close division.


10. Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles California USA (7-5)

I didn’t give this team much chance this season, and granted, it’s early, but the Angels are showing signs of life. Dan Haren has been great so far, even getting a win in relief.


Bottom Four


Boston Red Sox

Does anyone have the number to Stub Hub? I need to sell some World Series tickets.


Seattle Mariners:

They have Ichiro and King Felix; that may be it. Jack Cust? Really?


New York Mets

Oh man, they are a train wreck. I wonder if John Franco has any arm left.

Houston Astros

I give this team a hard time but put together a nice win streak, and they will get out of the bottom four—promise.

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