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Kim Kardashian: Now Linked to New York Yankees Legend Yogi Berra

It’s like deja-vu all over again! 

Kim Kardashian, famous for being famous for foraging after flashy football players, is once again romantically linked to another celebrity athlete—this time a jock from a different sport. And it’s not soccer super star Cristiano Rinaldo or basketballer Lebron James.


Hint…he’s a lifelong New York Yankee, but it’s not Derek Jeter. No, not even A-Rod.


This weekend TMZ caught Kim Kardsahian cuddling in a corner at Kutsher’s in the Catskills with none other than legendary NY Yankee Yogi Berra. Yup, Berra, as in the original Yogi and former Bronx Bomber All Star catcher and manager.


TMZ photographed the curious couple biting into their blintzes at the retirement resort’s 4 p.m. early bird buffet. The octogenarian has reportedly fallen fast for the flirtatious Kim, who bears a striking resemblance to ol’ No. 8’s great-granddaughter’s niece.


Though the news shocked Kim’s fans, it didn’t rock either of Kim’s gold digging sisters. Khloe commented that Kim was unfulfilled linked to future Hall of Famers and wanted the immediate gratification of having a revered sports icon at her side.


Kourtney advised Kim to hook her Hall of Famer now… even if her new beau’s bronze bust was bestowed in Cooperstown four decades ago!


ESPN reported that Berra bested another potential suitor and nuptial contender, NJ Jets Super Bowl III hero Joe Namath. Although Broadway Joe purportedly texted Kim hourly and sent dozens of flowers to her LA digs, Kim shared with confidants that the 67-year-old Joe Willie was just too young and fell far short of Kim’s “bling” pre-requisites. Joe only won one Super Bowl ring and two MVP awards during his career, while Yogi amassed three MVP trophies and a whopping 13 World Series titles.


For the guy who said, “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore,” let’s see how Yogi handles this socialite’s prodigious penchant for pearls, paparazzi and panache.


Kris Kardashian Jenner, Kim’s maternal role model and sports celebrity marrying mom, voiced concern over her eldest daughter’s choice for a new paramour. But Berra immediately rebutted, reinforcing his commitment to keep up with this 30 year-old Kardashian.


Echoing quotes he made famous decades ago, Yogi commented, “In spite of our 50 year age disparity…our similarities are just different.”


Berra boyishly beamed, “I’m optimistic, and this relationship ain’t over til it’s over.” 


Fans should keep a careful watch over the lovable Berra.


Because with fickle Kim Kardashian’s abbreviated relationships with high-profile sports celebrities, we might be hearing Yogi say, “it’s like deja-vu all over again.”



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An Open Letter to MLB: Stop the Spit

Spitting in baseball is a Major League problem.

While watching last night’s All-Star game game on FOX, the disgusting discharges emanating from eminent National and American League players seriously sullied my spectating enjoyment.

I know all of America agrees with me that baseball players spit way too much.

The only thing more annoying than Tim McCarver’s minutiae or Joe Buck’s babbling about boring baseball statistics is seeing the sunflower seeds and spittle splattering the baseball diamonds of an All-Star game.

Major League Baseball needs to establish a No Spitting Policy immediately. Look at other sports. You don’t see LeBron launching a loogie into the lane before attempting a free throw or Michael Phelps flinging phlegm into the pool before diving off the starting block in a big race.

Before losing its faithful, baseball fanbase to saliva-free sports, the Commissioner needs to halt the hurling of hawkers by expunging expectorating from baseball.

Straight Talk. No static.

MIKE – The American Made Voice on Sports

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