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MLB Trade Rumors: 10 Relievers That Would Strengthen Any Bullpen

Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions about the picture that opens the slideshow, you can relax, because Mariano Rivera isn’t going anywhere.

However, there have been plenty of rumors that have centered around relievers, most of which any team would love to have in their own bullpen for the stretch run.

There are some better than others, some that will cost more in return, and even more that can be had for not much at all.

However, whether they cost major league talent, top prospects, or your run of the mill “player to be named later,” we’ll see plenty of relievers moved at the deadline make a huge impact on their new teams as they make a run to the division titles and into the playoffs.

The following list is the 10 relievers who would make the biggest impact to any team that wants to make it deep into the playoffs.

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Birds in Flight: Orioles Who Could Be Traded

Part of being the team with the worst record in all of baseball is that you become a huge seller right before baseball’s trade deadline.

As the team who fits that role, it is no surprise that the Orioles have been talked about these past weeks as being potential sellers for teams that are in the playoff race.

In return for these veterans that the Orioles currently own, team management will look for prospects who can possibly help the team in the future.

Andy MacPhail has always said that he won’t make trades just to make them, but with several older veterans on a team that has already looked towards next year, it is hard to believe the O’s will be inactive.

Now, without further ado, here are several Orioles that could be valuable to other teams.

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