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New York Yankees’ Week From Hell Ends With the Los Angeles Angels

After saying good-bye to two prolific men, the New York Yankees ended the weekend placing ace Andy Pettitte on the DL.


Pettitte will be gone for five weeks with a grade one tear in his left hamstring. This digs the dagger even deeper as the Seattle Mariners played the reigning champs like fools by trading Cliff Lee to the Texas Rangers.


The Yankees got used by Seattle, who got more bang for Lee with the Bombers in the mix. Well, nothing good comes from dwelling in the baseball past, but this wound is still fresh after such a long week.


The Angels are in town today for a quick two games in the Bronx. These Halos have a history of reeking havoc on the Yankees, but the reality is these Angels are coming with broken wings.


Losing All-Star 1B Kenny Morales for the season was the biggest blow to a team dealing with a lot of injuries already. The latest victim was SP Ian Kennedy, who Yankee fans might remember. Kennedy was slated to start on tonight against his old buddy Phil Hughes.


With Kennedy on the DL, the Angels have yet to confirm who will take the mound, leaving Wednesday afternoon in question as well.


Yankees Javier Vazquez will take the mound against an Angel pitcher TBA. I have seen both Jared Weaver and Joel Pineiro as the probable pitcher, but both official teams sites list the Angels as TBA.


Either way, Hughes and Vazquez have to be on top of their game more than ever with Pettitte out.  Joe Girardi and GM Brian Cashman have said that Sergio Mitre will fill in for Pettitte.


Mitre has been on the DL since mid-April and has yet to be fully activated. This sounds like a broken record from 2009; Mitre coming off the DL to fill-in for Pettitte.  But, can the Yankees afford a struggling Mitre every fifth game?


Since 2003, Mitre has only pitched a full season once; in 2007, when he played for Girardi as a Marlin and posted a career best 4.65 ERA. Over seven seasons, Mitre has pitched for a total of 388 innings, allowed 232 runs, 47 home-runs, and walked 130 batters.


Not great, but Mitre did post one promising stat with 237 total strike-outs.


It is a stretch, but Mitre can throw strikes if he is not injured.


Girardi can’t seem to get enough of Mitre or any player he managed as a Marlin. Does Skipper Joe realize that this is the big leagues, not little league?


Players are not on an MLB team to play with chances.  Their job is to win.  The duds get weeded out. That is why it is hard to comprehend why Mitre is still in a Yankee uniform.


The Yankees ‘Hughes Rules’ can no longer be in effect because Sabathia and Vazquez need a good third starter. Until AJ Burnett gets on track, Hughes is that guy.


The rules consist of an imposed 170 innings limit, with the idea that Hughes would move to the bullpen around late August. Hughes dominated in that role in 2009, so it would have brought some relief in September. Now that can’t happen, as the Yankees got a reminder that the DL is not just for the Phillies and Red Sox.


Prediction Yankees Vs. Angels:


The Yankees should win both games because A-Rod is on a tear, Jeter is back to life, and Cano and Swisher haven’t slowed down yet. Depending on which Angels show up in New York, the Yankees will either easily take both games, or the teams will spilt in an old school battle.


The Angels have been in a slump, as the hitters seem to be holding bats made of ice. What worries me is that those bats will thaw, and the Angels will get hot again. It is no secret how hot New York City is right now, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the Halos got warm again tonight.


When you’re talking about players like Abreu, Hunter, and Matsui, once they get going watch out. The Angels, when on fire, can hit the hell out of the ball, no matter who is throwing it.

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The New York Yankees: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Segment No. 3

We are here with our third installment of the Clint Eastwood crusade regarding the New York Yankees. If you missed the first installment, click here .

Second installment? Click here .

The Yankees record is 25-14, three games behind the American League East leading Tampa Bay Rays. And the Yankees are home against Tampa for the next few games, then have a short road trip (across the river) to face the New York Mets for three games, and then on to Minnesota.

While the Yankees did not get into first place after Tampa’s dominant nine-game West Coast road trip earlier in the month, they have a chance to make up two games quickly.

After the Yankees, the Rays head to Houston where they luck out against the worst team in baseball.


Brett Gardner

He has been really good in his time as a starter . Gardner has put up a line of .280 BA/.345 OBP/.380 SLG/.725 OPS with two doubles, a homer, 3 RBIs and 4 stolen bases. He also scored 10 runs. In February, Yankee fans would have signed on the bottom line for those slash numbers for the entire 2010 season. Currently at .321/.399/.412/.811, Gardy has surpassed all of our expectations.

Alex Rodriguez 

After there was talk about his lack of power, he comes up and wins one game with a grand slam , and ties another with a two-run shot in the bottom of the 9th. Even if he wasn’t hitting home runs, I remember lots of stinging line drives ripped all over the field. His OPS is 1.064 over the last two weeks.

Mark Teixeira

The three and four hitters are finally cranking. Tex has raised his season average to .219 with a two-week spurt of .300/.375/.640/1.015 OPS with five homers and 16 RBI. Although, during the last two Yankee losses, he has come up in the last inning with runners on base and made out both times.

Francisco Cervelli

A total pleasure to watch play the game. No HR’s so far (tied with Ben Zobrist in that category). Enthusiasm, ability to call a game, sets up hitters well, and really comes through with RISP. He slashes .647/700/.882/1.582 in that situation with 15 RBI.

I like his aggressive hacks at pitches in the strike zone. Good to see that aggressive nature in this take a pitch down the middle world we live in.

Juan Miranda

Huh? Why? Well, despite his .231 average, Miranda has a .872 OPS with a long double and booming home run. I love the way he attacks the baseball, looking to hit. But while he is aggressive, he does not swing at too many bad pitches.

I have noticed his tendency of being pull happy, trying to pull fastballs on the outside corner. Even the HR he hit last night was on an outside fastball, but he did try and pull a similar pitch in the 9th inning, too.

He must only like the pitch over the plate because he takes too many fastballs on the inner half.

I truly believe the Nick Johnson signing was a waste of $5 million, when Damon or Miranda could have been had for about the same money.

Young pitchers

Because of injuries to Chan Ho Park and Alfredo Aceves, the Yankees had the Chris Britton memorial shuttle to Scranton working overtime. They needed arms and brought up Romulo Sanchez and Ivan Nova to the majors.

Both players responded very well, combining for 6.2 innings of no run ball, allowing five hits, a walk while striking out four.

Nick Swisher

I was not a huge fan of the trade for Swisher , not because of his talent, but when the Yankees got him they had a glut of 1B/DH/RF types already on the roster.

But since the injuries to Curtis Granderson and now Swisher, you really see how Swisher’s presence is missed in the lineup and in the outfield. His new mentality in the batters box really lengthened the Yankee lineup.

Phil Hughes

Despite the not so bad start Monday, Hughes still had a good two weeks. He made three starts, going 2-0 with a 3.32 ERA and 1.105 WHIP. He only walked three batters in 19 IP, a very impressive number.

Andy Pettitte

One start after being skipped and it was more of the same from Andy. 6.1 IP, no runs, good stuff and his fifth victory.

Javy Vazquez

He is moving up the charts quicker than a Taylor Swift single. He was impressive in his two outings, one a start, and one a relief appearance. He pitched seven solid innings in Detroit (but lost a tough one), and entered Monday night’s game to face Kevin Youkilis, and got him swinging with two men on.

His curve appears to have that good break and location, but he needs to keep the fastball on the corners, not in the middle of the plate.


Robinson Cano

He is beginning to swing at non-hittable pitches, getting himself out in the process. His last two weeks have produced .239/.327/.326/.653 OPS with six strikeouts.

CC Sabathia

Three starts, no wins, 5.09 ERA. I know he was ripped off by the bullpen last night and should have gotten the win in Boston before the rain fell, but he is the ace and he can not go three straight starts without a victory.

If I were him, I would sit down with Joe Girardi and tell him, “Unless I am getting knocked around, I want to go eight or nine innings every start. No more of this seven inning garbage.”

AJ Burnett

Two starts, 0-1 record and 8.18 ERA. He is back to Bad AJ, issuing seven free passes and 16 hits in two starts. Almost Ugly. If he has no control of the curveball, he is useless.

David Robertson  

He is improving, but he still walks too many. Six walks in five plus innings, but seven whiffs. He should throw his curveball more for strikes early in the count. No one swings at it and if they do, it isn’t a hittable pitch.

Marcus Thames  

I really would not care if this guy hit five game winning home runs last week, he stinks. The only reason he is not part of the ugly group is the one game-winning home run.

He obviously can’t field, can’t throw and can’t hit righties. He is the ultimate one-dimensional player.

And with a team beset by injuries, that is the worst type of position player to have on the roster.


Derek Jeter

If I see one corpuscle of blood come across the hall…I mean one more weak ground ball to short, I am going to freak out. FREAK OUT!  

Last night, I had more confidence in Juan Miranda coming through in the ninth inning than I would have if Randy Winn got on base and Jeter came up with a chance to win the game.

He takes too many fastball strikes, can’t hit with authority with the ones he does swing at, and flails at WAY TOO MANY breaking pitches outside the zone.

Jorge Posada

He needs to play or go on the DL. It is a waste to have him on the roster without using him.

If a limping Kirk Gibson can go to the plate in the 1988 World Series against Dennis Eckersley, then Posada could have pinch hit for Winn in last night’s game.

Posada is showing his age with all the nagging injuries. As I said, either DL him or play him.

Boone Logan  

Boone Logan stinks. Why is Girardi the only one who does not see this? In 6.1 innings this season, Logan has allowed ten runners! Lefties are hitting .357 off him with a .500 slugging percentage.

Send him out and bring up a versatile position player like Kevin Russo, who is now playing outfield in Scranton.

Joba Chamberlain

Whew! Not much to say, we all saw the two games.

Joe Girardi

I pretty much said a couple things about Joe already, but for him to need another pitcher by sending down a speedy outfielder like Greg Golson when Nick Swisher is unavailable, this might be the dumbest move I have seen all year. 

Except when Girardi brings Logan into a game.

Girardi has this penchant for resting certain guys as DH’s, giving them a half day off. That is stupid. Either give them the full day or play them in the field. Have a set DH.

The revolving DH has pushed the Yankees into a non-DH situation three times recently where the pitcher would need to hit, one which was Monday night when there were no bench players left. If the game went into extra innings, then Vazquez would have had to hit.

And if Posada can not play, then Cervelli is the only catcher with Ramiro Pena as the back-up. But when Pena was removed from the game the other day (Alex went in), the DH was lost and not only did the Yankees have no one to pinch hit, they had no backup catcher at all!

Girardi needs to have much better roster management. With too many guys unavailable, but still on the roster, they need versatile guys and a set DH.

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Phil Hughes Making Spring Competition Seem Silly

Back in Spring Training , the Yankees put Phil Hughes into a competition with other pitchers like Joba Chamberlain , Sergio Mitre, and Alfredo Aceves. The four pitchers competed to see who would be the Yankees fifth starter. Obviously Hughes won the job and since then, he is making it seem like there never should have been a competition.

It’s tough to say Hughes has been the Yankees best starter, because most of them have been pitching extremely well this season. You can however say Hughes is right up there with CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Andy Pettitte   .

The young starter has show a new degree of confidence this season. He is dominating opponents on a regular basis.

Hughes has started six games so far this season and after last nights win, he is now 5-0 on the year with a very impressive 1.38 ERA. That is the lowest ERA of any Yankees starter this season.

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