The New York Knicks will soon kick off the Carmelo Anthony era and try to find the reason for bidding against themselves for a player that the Denver Nuggets had to trade.

What the Carmelo-led Knicks will truly look like won’t be known until the 2011-2012 season at the earliest—and that’s assuming there’s a season. 

In any event, we can look forward to Carmelo moving off the front page soon.

That will set the stage for the next batter in the sports version of reality TV, Albert Pujols.

Pujols has already said he is ending contract negotiations and will be entering free agency at the end of the year.

The Cardinals have seemingly made their last, best offer.

Sound familiar?

Now, the Cardinals are facing the likelihood of losing Adam Wainwright for all of 2011 and beyond.

Without a suitable replacement, this season could get away from them very quickly—which could give Pujols a Carmelo-sized case of wanderlust.

What could make this situation very interesting are the recent comments made to Comcast SportsNet by GM Kenny Williams of the Chicago White Sox.

Without mentioning Pujols directly, he said there may not be an abundance of teams looking to pay the $30 million salary that Pujols is looking for.

“For the game’s health as a whole, when we’re talking about $30 million players, I think it’s asinine.”

That being said, you have to imagine there will be someone looking to rent Pujols for a few months even with no guarantee that he’ll sign long-term.

The question is what they will be willing to give to the Cardinals.

There’s a saying that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

When the Dallas Cowboys traded Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings for the draft picks that turned into three Super Bowls, many teams said never again.

Other baseball teams must be looking at the New York Knicks this morning and saying never again.

I’m not a meteorologist, but I sense a very hot summer in St. Louis.

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