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Adrian Beltre’s Contract Option Picked Up by Rangers: Latest Details, Reaction

In a 2014 season when countless players were injured and the Texas Rangers finished buried in the standings, Adrian Beltre was about as close to a bright spot as there was to be found. Now, the team has decided he’ll likely be a key player for at least the next two seasons, picking up his contract option. 

John Blake, the Executive Vice President of Communications for the Texas Rangers, made the news official:

The Rangers would have had the option to bypass the extension had Beltre failed to accumulate 600 plate appearances this season, per Ron Matejko of ESPN Dallas, but decided against going that route with the third basemen. 

The move isn’t a surprise from Beltre’s perspective, as he spoke a few days ago about wanting to remain a Ranger so long as the team continued to push to win a World Series.

“I don’t have time to waste,” Beltre told Gerry Fraley of The Dallas Morning News. “I want to win a World Series, and I want to be with a team that’s thinking of that. I want to be here. This is a great spot for me. I can’t even think of how appreciative I am of the organization, the fans, the city of Dallas and Texas.”

The move makes plenty of sense from the team’s perspective as well, per Fraley:

Exercising the option on Beltre would allow the Rangers to give über-prospect Joey Gallo more time to develop at third base. Gallo, 21, is in major league spring-training camp for the first time. Keeping Beltre through the 2016 season would also help rookie manager Jeff Banister by giving him a cornerstone player in the lineup and the clubhouse.

Beltre certainly continues to produce. Even at the age of 35 he hit .324 with 19 home runs and 77 RBI this past season. While his power numbers were down, his batting average and on-base percentage (.388) were his highest marks since 2004.

For his career Beltre is a .285 hitter with 395 home runs and 1,384 RBI. He’s won four Gold Gloves and four Silver Slugger awards at third base and has hit 30 or more home runs in three of his four seasons with the Rangers. 

While a slight decrease in production is to be expected at some point, the Rangers clearly believe Beltre will be a key player for them over the next two seasons. He’s certainly given them no indications that would suggest anything to the contrary to this point in his career.


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Texas Rangers: Prince Fielder Will Have Huge Bounce-Back Year in 2015

In late 2013, shortly after the Detroit Tigers were eliminated from the playoffs in the ALCS, they traded Prince Fielder to the Rangers in exchange for Ian Kinsler.

It was a huge blockbuster at the time, and analysts immediately started predicting how potent the Rangers lineup would be with Fielder and powerful third baseman Adrian Beltre hitting in the middle of the order.

Beltre was so confident that Fielder would thrive in his new environment that he told the media that Fielder would be the 2014 AL MVP.  It seemed good at the time; Fielder would bat third in the order, meaning he would finally have a chance to be protected in the order as opposed to doing the protecting, as he did with Ryan Braun in Milwaukee and Miguel Cabrera in Detroit.

Unfortunately, Fielder was never able to put it together in his new home park.  Instead of taking advantage of hitter-friendly Globe Life Park, Fielder had a hard time hitting the ball in the air.  His 50.4 percent ground-ball rate, via Fangraphs, was a career high, and he hit only .247 with three home runs and 16 RBI in 42 games before having season-ending neck surgery.

However, 2015 is a new season, and Fielder has drastically changed his personal life in a way that should yield positive results on the diamond.  In a very insightful article by Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News, one can see that Fielder is making a genuine effort to have more fun playing baseball as he did when he was mashing home runs at a high rate early in his career.

If he goes back to hitting like the Prince of old, he could easily return to being one of baseball’s premier power hitters.  He averaged more than 36 homers and 111 RBI from 2007-2013, and last year was the first time he played fewer than 157 games.

And this offseason, Fielder got surgery on his neck very similar to the surgery Peyton Manning received during the 2011 NFL season.  It is anybody’s guess if Fielder will return to being his former stellar self, but he has already been cleared to participate in spring training and says he feels great.

He was especially optimistic at the team’s award dinner on January 23.

“I’ll play a pickup game right now, I’m ready to go,” Fielder said, via the Associated Press (h/t ESPN.com).  “I’m good, I’m 100 percent, whatever it was before is back.”

So all in all, if he says he is completely healthy, his doctor says he’s healthy and he is transforming his attitude on the field, then that’s good enough for me.

Fangraphs‘ The Steamer predicts Fielder to hit .279 with 23 home runs, 83 RBI and a .847 OPS.  I think those projections are a bit conservative, and if you have a chance to get Fielder in your fantasy draft, I would recommend pulling the trigger.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Fielder hits at least 30 home runs.  The fact that he is changing his attitude toward baseball cannot be overstated, and if he is fully healthy, he should be able to feast on American League pitching all season long.

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Touch Adrian Beltre’s Head!

Why are we here? Is man the product of chance or creation? Where do we go after we shuffle off this mortal coil?

These are all important questions, but today our aim is to discuss a greater quandary in the pantheon of intellectual discourse: Why does Adrian Beltre freak out when you touch his head?

For the uninitiated, over the last 15 years and longer, Beltre has exhibited a deeply entrenched fear of people touching his head. He hates it. Can’t stand it for a second.

It’s a strange side story for the Texas Rangers third baseman, whose career accomplishments include three Silver Slugger Awards, four Gold Gloves, four All-Star selections and over 2,500 hits. He’s a potential Hall of Famer and a respected veteran in the game, but after all this time, people still mess with him due to his gross overreaction to cranial contact.

Before we get into particulars of “why” Beltre is how he is, we must observe his habits. How does it happen?

For starters, the majority of Beltre-bothering comes from his own teammates.

Detroit Tigers designated hitter Victor Martinez personally made Beltre’s life a living hell during their time with the Boston Red Sox.

How much did Martinez bother his teammate? Enough to make murder a semi-viable solution in Beltre’s mind.

“Sometimes I thought about killing him,” Beltre joked with MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan. “But I thought about it. … I have a family, so I didn’t.”

Martinez didn’t start the tradition, though, as Sullivan reports:

Beltre said the head-rubbing began during his time in Seattle. Again, he won’t reveal who was the first guy to do it.

“It was my fault,” Beltre said. “I don’t remember, but somebody did it and I told them I didn’t like it. That’s like telling them to do it again. You know they’re going to do it because you don’t like it. So they started doing it over and over again.”

Now, Elvis Andrus has taken Martinez’s place as the ringleader. He has Beltre’s buttons on speed dial.

After that come the concerted, team-wide assaults on Beltre. Any time he belts a homer, his head is in for a genie lamp-style rubdown.

Then there are the not-so-sneaky sneak attacks.

It must be noted that the Rangers’ petting of their third baseman paints too narrow a picture of Beltre’s condition. He’s been around the league a long while—long enough to make friends who feel completely justified in picking at his scalp like a loose scab.

Robinson Cano favors bulk attempts over stealth.

Miguel Cabrera prefers to woo Beltre with flattery before making his intentions known.

Even mascots get in on the trolling.

At some point in life, Beltre’s aversion began to manifest itself physiologically. His paranoia has granted him the neck reflexes of a pit viper. Watch as he goes into Bullet Time to avoid a swipe from Cano.

Now, let’s see all these moving parts together. It’s time to take a look at a montage of Beltre’s tormentors and try to piece this phenomenon together, Carrie from Homeland style.

This is an epidemic, and there certainly appears to be no end in sight. Beltre’s aversion to head-patting has reached such fame that one crafty individual took it upon himself or herself to give it a theme song.

All Beltre does is wince—but why?

Why does the merest graze of his head elicit this response? The media has yet to be able to dig the answer out of Beltre, and it’s not for lack of trying.

SB Nation’s Amy K. Nelson traveled to the 2012 All-Star Game for the sole purpose of getting to the bottom of Beltre’s heady hangup. In the gentlest way possible, she tried to get Beltre to open up on the subject.

He barely budged.

“I don’t like it,” Beltre told Nelson. “I don’t let anyone touch my head. Not even my kids.”

His teammates at every franchise admit they’ve tried to psychologically profile Beltre, but to no avail.

At this juncture, I’d like to step in and postulate a few theories as to the roots of Adrian Beltre’s head-touching fear.


No. 1: He’s terrified of balding.

At 35 years old, Beltre is under attack from the reaper known as male pattern balding. This is prime molting season for men his age, and any interference with his scalp could disrupt the Rogaine he applied before heading to the ballpark.


No. 2: He’s a germaphobe.

Plenty of people can’t stand being touched by strangers, and it would be no large surprise if Beltre is afraid of catching whooping cough from an errant head rub.


No. 3: He was abducted by aliens.

The most plausible answer to all of this is rooted in the distinct possibility that Beltre was the victim of an alien abduction at some point in his life.

It’s likely that he was taken long ago—perhaps as a child—and whisked away into a spaceship for testing. Naturally, the extraterrestrials would’ve dug around in his head with sophisticated instruments (I find “probes” derogatory), neuralized his memory and dropped him off none the worse for the wear—save for an acute and persistent fear of people tinkering with his skull.

These are my theories, and I stand by them.

The sad part is, we may never know the cause of this strange phobia. Beltre’s refusal to speak on his discomfort has stonewalled progress in the field of study for years.

Feel free to lay out your own explanations in the comments. Every idea—even the weirdest—could help us crack the hair-trigger lock on Adrian “Don’t Touch Me Bro” Beltre’s head.


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Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus Take the Time to Divide Territory on the Field

Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus and third baseman Adrian Beltre have a pretty hilarious relationship, but they can still get things done when they need to.

The two have been teammates since Beltre signed with Texas before the 2011 season, and they have created their fair share of funny moments.

Andrus and Beltre were back at it during Monday’s game against the Seattle Mariners. An infield pop-up caused some territorial issues between the two. Luckily, Beltre, a four-time Gold Glove winner, and Andrus were able to work out the problem quickly.

Oddly enough, this wasn’t even the first time in the past week that the two have discussed their territories on the field.

It’s probably a good thing they finally had this discussion. They haven’t always respected each other’s territory on the field.

For those of you who want to see more of Andrus and Beltre together, watch this MLB.com video.


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Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera Messes with Adrian Beltre’s Head at 3rd Base

Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre is apparently not a fan of people touching his head.

During Friday night’s game between the Rangers and Detroit Tigers, Miguel Cabrera decided to have some fun with Beltre, patting him on the head while standing at third base. Beltre didn’t seem to like that too much, as he retaliated with an attempted shot below the belt.

Fortunately, it looked like both players were laughing about it after the exchange. The Tigers ended up winning 7-2, putting them at 28-16 for the season.

[MLB.com, h/t The Big Lead]

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Rangers’ Adrian Beltre Becomes 5th Player to Hit 100 Home Runs with 3 Teams

After belting a fourth-inning home run off Jorge De La Rosa in Wednesday’s 9-2 loss to the Colorado Rockies, Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers became the fifth player in MLB history to hit 100 home runs for three separate teams, per Elias Sports Bureau (via ESPN Stats & Info). 

Beltre joins the exclusive company of Darrell Evans, Reggie Jackson, Alex Rodriguez and Jim Thome as the only players to accomplish this feat. Thome is the most recent addition to the club, as he reached the milestone with the Philadelphia Phillies back in 2012.

Many of Beltre’s long balls were accumulated during his time with the Los Angeles Dodgers, as he totaled 147 homers there between 1998 and 2004. His best single-season total also came in L.A., when he amassed 48 in the 2004 season.

Beltre barely eclipsed the 100 mark with the Seattle Mariners, tallying 103 home runs from 2005 to 2009. He sits at 100 even with the Rangers entering Thursday’s matchup with the Rockies. The 35-year-old also added 28 to his career total during a one-year stint with the Boston Red Sox in 2010.

The Rangers third baseman is under contract with the team through 2015, with a vesting option for 2016, so he should see plenty of additional at-bats to build on his total.

Only time will tell whether Beltre can become the first player to hit 100 dingers for four separate teams. Between his age (35) and contract, he’d probably need a trade for that to happen, and the Rangers seem rather happy to have him around.


All stats courtesy of MLB.com unless otherwise specified.

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Adrian Beltre Injury: Updates on Rangers Star’s Quad and Return

Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre exited Tuesday night’s game against the Boston Red Sox after the top of the fourth inning with an apparent left quad injury.    

Beltre, who was serving as the designated hitter, hit an RBI double off the Fenway Park center-field wall in the fourth but came up limping. He played out the remainder of the frame before hobbling back to the dugout and leaving the contest for good, with the Rangers ahead 8-0.

Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram noted that he will be replaced by Jim Adduci:

Wilson provided another update after the game:

Beltre, 35, has been dealing with a quad injury since spring training. He sat out at different points in March to give the muscles time to rest, but has found difficulty staying on the field consistently. It’s unknown whether Beltre further aggravated the injury or if Texas was looking for a convenient excuse to rest its ailing slugger.

Manager Ron Washington already put Beltre in as a DH for the first time all season, and was likely more comfortable with him sitting as the Rangers opened up a massive lead. Beltre played third base the first seven games of the season. 

It has, however, been a rough start both in the field and at the plate. Beltre already has three errors on the season. Going back to 2013, Beltre, long one of the best defensive third basemen in baseball, has actually become a borderline net negative at the hot corner, per FanGraphs.

“He made some errors, but he looks fine to me,” Washington told T.R. Sullivan of the Rangers’ official website before Tuesday’s game. “After we came out of Tampa, it’s cold here, so today I’m going to give him a day off his feet. He’s going to make errors, but he’s fine.”

With one more game at third, Beltre will pass Phillies great Mike Schmidt for the fifth most in MLB history at that spot, per Sullivan. 

While a 2-for-3 day upped Beltre’s average to a respectable .286, he hasn’t exactly been off to a hot start at the plate. He’s yet to hit a home run in 28 at-bats and is slugging just .393—more than 100 points off his 2013 rate. 

Sample sizes are inherently small at this point of the season, so there’s no need to fret. But given his quad has been bothering him for more than a month and Beltre’s extensive history of leg injuries, it’s not outlandish to wonder whether he has been affected. 

Josh Wilson, who started at third on Tuesday, stands to gain additional playing time if Beltre needs time off. The Rangers are in Boston for a mid-afternoon first pitch Wednesday before heading back home for a three-day series with the Houston Astros.


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Texas Rangers: Most Memorable Events of 2013

The Texas Rangers are looking to put the 2013 season completely in their rear view as they gear up for 2014.

Last year was filled with both good and bad memories, from a near-perfect game to a trade that didn’t pan out. The team also made history during a July series with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Texas didn’t get a chance at a playoff run, but it was still a fun season to watch.

We are going to look at some of the most memorable events from this past season, whether we want to remember it forever or erase it from memory.

What are the most memorable events for you from 2013?

All stats courtesy of Baseball-Reference.com.

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Hottest and Coldest Texas Rangers Players Heading into the Second Half

With the All Star break officially underway, many of the Texas Rangers will get the opportunity to rest up after a long first half of the season. With the exception of Joe Nathan, Yu Darvish and Nelson Cruz, the entire Texas Rangers organization will use this four day break to recharge and get ready for the long haul ahead.

For some Rangers the break could not have come at a better time, as cold streaks can often be cured by taking some time off of the diamond. On the other hand, there are other players who came into the break hot who probably wish the time off could have happened at another time. With that in mind, let’s take a look at who the hottest and coldest players for the Rangers are heading into the second half of the season.





Adrian Beltre

July Stats: .440/.491/.920, 7 HR and 13 RBI

Adrian Beltre hasn’t just been the hottest player on the Rangers, but may also have been the hottest player in the month of July in all of baseball. Over his last 10 games before the All-Star break, Beltre had five multi-hit games, but none were better than his performance on July 9 against Baltimore.

In an 8-4 win over the Orioles, Beltre reached base five times, going 4-for-4 with two homers and five RBI. Currently, Beltre ranks in the top seven in the American League in batting average, home runs, slugging percentage and OPS. If Beltre can continue to rake like he did at the beginning of the month, the Rangers will be in a good position to keep up with the Athletics in the second half of the season.


Nelson Cruz

July Stats: .309/.345/.473, 2 HR and 8 RBI

In the midst of a contract year, Nelson Cruz is making a strong case to be paid like one of the best outfielders in the game. For the season, Cruz is batting .277 with 22 homers and 69 RBI and has helped offset the departures of Josh Hamilton, Michael Young and Mike Napoli.

In the month of July, Cruz was batting .309 with two homers and eight RBI, and he had three multi-hit games leading up the the All-Star break. Don’t expect the break to cool down Cruz either; as mentioned above, he has a contract to play for next season. Expect Cruz to carry his momentum into a big second half for the Rangers.





Mitch Moreland

July Stats: .250/.295/.375, 1 HR and 5 RBI

Though Moreland‘s numbers don’t look awful in the month of July, his splits that include the month of June are much worse. Moreland has gone 19-for-95 since the start of June, and only has two home runs after hitting 11 in his first two months. Sure, an injury to Moreland may have something to do with it, but his slugging percentage was nearly .300 points lower in June than it was in the month of May.

Rangers fans will be hoping that Moreland‘s injury has more to do with his slumping than him falling back into bad habits. Moreland was one of the feel good stories for the Rangers at the beginning of the season, and he is a very important part of the lineup. Texas will need Moreland to perform better in the second half, and it would not be a surprise if they find someone else if he can’t.


Jurickson Profar


July Stats: .161/.278/.226, 0 HR and 2 RBI

Some of this can be contributed to the fact that Profar is in the midst of being transitioned to the outfield, and some of it can be contributed to his inconsistent playing time. But the fact of the matter is that Profar struggled mightily through July and was the coldest hitter on the Rangers coming into the All-Star break.

This break may end up doing a world of good for Profar, as the time off could help him get some extra swings to get back into a groove. Profar came out firing when he first got called up in May for the Rangers, and he could wind up being the key for the Rangers in the second half.


Justin Grimm


July Stats: 11.1 IP, 0-2, 11.91 ERA, 6 K and .426 BAA

Grimm’s struggles as the season went on became so bad that he was recently moved to the bullpen after leaving his last start with forearm soreness.

After a brilliant first month in which the rookie went 2-0 with a 1.59 ERA, Grimm has been getting lit up by opposing hitters, and has yet to have a month in which his batting average against wasn’t lower than .309. To make matters worse, Grimm’s walk rate has skyrocketed as well. After walking just four batters in 17 innings in April, Grimm has walked 24 batters in his last 76 innings.

Similar to Profar, the break may be what Grimm needed, as he may have been wearing down in the Texas heat. Unfortunately for Grimm, his time in the rotation may have come to an end. With the return of Martin Perez to the rotation and Alexi Ogando on the mend as well, Grimm may see clean-up duty from here on out.


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2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Top 10 Third Basemen

The population of third basemen in Major League Baseball is talented and getting increasingly young, and with the promotion of Manny Machado and impending ascension of top prospects Anthony Rendon, Nick Castellanos and Mike Olt (if he stays at 3B), the position is getting deeper and becoming even younger.. 

With that said, it should be understood the position has several question marks among the top echelon of players (ie, health issues, consistency issues), so in consideration of the depth of the position it may be advisable to wait until the middle rounds to make a selection if you do not get one of the top three or four options.

Of course, even in the middle rounds there will be some questions that attach to your selection, but if you’re going to select a third baseman with some questions it would be better to gamble with a fifteenth round pick than a fourth or fifth round pick.

(NOTE: Hanley Ramirez is included among the shortstops, as opposed to the third basemen)

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