After watching another pathetic performance by the San Francisco Giants, one that almost put me asleep, I had a thought. This team might not be doing itself much good right now, but boy it’s been good to its opponents.

As evidence, I give you tonight’s opponents, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Before tonight, the Diamondbacks had lost five in a row and seven of their last eight.

Giants to the rescue! It doesn’t matter that the D’Backs rolled out a guy with a seven-plus ERA; he was still able to shut down the Giants’ feeble bats.

And the Giants’ defense helped again with a couple of errors, along with a misplay in the outfield that opened the door for a three-run inning that undid the Giants. Down 4-1 at that point in the fifth inning, the score might as well have been 16-1 the way the Giants have been hitting. Or I should say not hitting.

Prior to the D’Backs, the Giants limped into Los Angeles to play the Los Angeles Dodgers. The first-place Dodgers had gotten off to a great start, but had been slumping lately, losing four of six and coming off a series loss to the Cubs.

No problem. the Giants came to town and managed to lose two of three, including an embarrassing 9-1 defeat Monday night. Wednesday night wasn’t much better as the Dodgers prevailed 6-2 against Giants “ace” Tim Lincecum. Surprisingly, the only win in the series was against Giant-killer Clayton Kershaw. But the Giants didn’t exactly tear the cover off the ball, winning 2-1 and getting all of their runs on a Brett Pill homer in the second. That’s four runs in three games if you’re keeping score at home.

Before the Dodgers series, the Miami Marlins came into San Francisco, reeling with seven losses in their last eight games. Now the Marlins are red hot, thanks to the Giants, sweeping the Giants in three games at AT&T Park.

The way the Giants are playing right now, I think they would have a tough time with the Bad News Bears or the Sisters of the Poor.

The hitting is non existent, the defense is shaky and the bullpen is iffy at best.

It’s time to shake things up for your San Francisco Giants. The first one that needs to go is Hensley Meulens, the batting coach. The Giants need to bring someone in who isn’t as nice as Meulens and Bruce Bochy. Someone who will fill a player’s ear when he has a bad at-bat.

And Bruce Bochy needs to get mad about the situation. If I see one more shot of Bochy looking frustrated in the Giants’ dugout, I think I’m going to be sick to my stomach. The guy always looks like he has gas.

Get pissed off, Boch! Do you have it in you? Well, show us. Tell a player if he makes a bad play. Argue a little more with the umpires when there’s a bad call. Get yourself tossed every once in a while to try to fire your team up.

The Giants need some leadership right now. They need someone to show some care. Bochy has to be that guy. If he can’t show that kind of leadership, then he shouldn’t be the Giants’ manager.

The Giants have injuries, but that’s part of the game. The guys they have will need to perform. And I think they have enough talent to be competitive with their starting rotation.

If things don’t change soon, Bochy should be in danger of losing his job. But he can control his own destiny. Get mad, Boch! Let your team know you care. Or soon it will be someone else’s job to get the Giants on track.

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