Does anything heal booboos quite like a souvenir ball?

A young San Francisco Giants fan made a miraculous recovery on Monday night, overcoming a bruised leg after being presented with a game ball.

The extraordinary chain of events began in the second inning when Giants’ outfielder Tyler Colvin smacked a ground-rule double down the right field line. The ball skipped over the wall, sniped a young fan in the leg and suddenly we had a young trooper down at AT&T Park. 

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The boy took the hit hard, dropping to the ground and initiating full water works. To make matters worse, he missed the ball. 

Stadium employees tended to the boy with ice and reassuring words, but nothing seemed capable of assuaging the young fan.

Just when the usher appeared ready to call in the medevac and morphine, a miracle happened—some kind soul offered the young boy his duly earned prize. 

Like divine intervention from above, the baseball wiped away the pain. The young fan thrust his new treasure into the air, affirming he would live to see another day.

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Even more miraculous, the boy was up and walking within moments, his maimed leg healed instantaneously by the souvenir. 

God bless you, little Giants fan. You taught us all an important lesson about perseverance and the healing properties of a baseball souvenir.

For those of you reading who are medical professionals, I hope you take note and place a bucket of baseballs in every hospital, right next to the defibrillators. 

It could save lives.


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