Yogi Berra played catcher for the New York Yankees for 17 years and one season with the New York Mets.

Yogi is one of four players to win AL MVP three times. He also won World Series’ as a manager in both leagues. Yogi Berra played for 10 World Series teams.

Yogi is known for his quotes like, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”


Here is my interview with this baseball great:

BW: Did you not like hitting strikes since you are known for being a bad ball hitter?

YB: Maybe I just saw the ball good. I always felt if I could see it, I could hit it.

BW : How did you become a catcher?

YB: I played some as a kid, we played every position back then. The Yankees thought my future was as a catcher

BW: Who was your favorite teammate and why?

YB: I had lots of them.

BW: Who was the toughest pitcher to hit against? Who was the easiest?

YB: Herb Score of the Indians, before he got injured, was real tough. I don’t know about the other.

BW: What was your greatest thrill in baseball?

YB: I had lots of them. Catching the perfect game in the World Series. Winning 10 championships. Making the Hall of Fame – it’s hard to say.

BW: What made your Yankee teams so great?

YB: We won a lot. We had great team spirit and pretty good players.

BW: Is there a current player that is very similar to you? If so, who?

YB: That I don’t know. I always liked Pudge Rodriguez because he’s short like me. I like short catchers.

BW: Who was your idol growing up?

YB: Ducky Medwick of the Cardinals. He was my newspaper customer when I was a kid, and a great hitter.

BW: Did you really scuff the ball when Whitey Ford pitched? Why?

YB : No.

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