The New York Yankees have the second best record in baseball as of today. The only team with a better one is the Tampa Bay Rays.

The two American League East teams start a big two-game series tonight at Yankee Stadium.

How can a two-game series be such a big deal? Well, maybe not so much for the Rays, but it is a big series for the Yankees. Entering the series tonight, the Yankees sit three games behind the Rays in the division.

If the Yankees sweep the two-game set, they pull within a single game. If the Rays sweep the Yankees, that puts New York in a five-game hole. What if they split? Well, then we are right where we started today with the Yankees three games back. At least that is much better than five behind.

What I am saying is, the Yankees MUST win at least one of these two games.

Tampa Bay comes in winning six of its last 10, while the Yankees have won just four of their last 10. The Yankees are 13-4 at home this year, while the Rays have been road warriors, winning 15 of their 19 road games. Tampa Bay also enters with a four-game winning streak.

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